Dacula Dolphins Annouce its 2014 Summer Swim Team Board

I know it seems early, snow was resting on our normally warm southern ground just a short time ago. Yet, here I am writing about Summer Swim League. Yes, it is early, but it is time for the board to start planning. This week we elected the 2014 board.

Board Members

President: Mike Fitzsimmons
Vice-President: Alan Larkin
Secretary: Kathy Haber
Treasurer: Lisa Nooney
Equipment Manager: Brian Porter

Concessions Coordinator: Veronica Griffith
Team Parent Angela Shirley

Next week we meet to start the planning process for the 2014 NGSL swim season, this includes creating preliminary meet schedule, determining where the meets will be held, coach selections, budgets, so many things to do. Once we get more information, we will be announcing when our registration process will start. If you are interested in the Dacula Dolphins you can visit our website: http://daculadolphins.swim-team.us/ or if you have any questions email us at daculadolphinsswimboard@gmail.com.

Dacula Dolphins Swim Team February 08, 2014 at 12:50 PM
My children love this team, coaches assist the children, they want the kids to have fun but be competive as a team as well. Evening pratice is great for working families or having your kids participate in other activities during the day. Best of all, the larger meets are on the weekends so less interference with the work week if you work Monday to Friday.


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