Does your roof have damage?

Heavy winds over the last few days have wreaked havoc on a lot of roofs in the area. Shingles have blown off, roof vents have gone missing, and trees and limbs have fallen. The damage is minor for some, and major for others. Hopefully your roof came out unscathed. But if it didn't and you have suffered roof damage, now is the time to take care of it. Putting it off will only increase the chances of more damage happening. It may not seem like a big deal to only have a few shingles missing from your roof. But those shingles are what is protecting your home and all your valued possessions inside. Left unrepaired, water will enter your home and potentially cause all sorts of damage. From annoying and unsightly stains on your ceilings and walls, to structural rot which can cost thousands to repair once it gets really bad.


Take a moment to walk around your home and visually inspect the roof. Are any shingles missing? Are any shingles flipped up or out of place? Are all of your roof vents still there and intact? If you have any type of damage, it's time to call a trusted professional roofing contractor.


T&T Roofing and Repair has been serving customers in your area for over 20 years. We enjoy a reputation for excellence as an honest, dependable, and well established business, known for our attention to detail. We take pride in high-quality workmanship and offer the best quality products, as well as the best warranties in the business. Since 90% of our business is from referrals or repeat customers, we know that our quality workmanship and customer satisfaction is what sets us apart from other roofing companies. Call us today at 770-554-5406, and let us show you why so many others have chosen us as their preferred roofing contractor. You can also reach us through our website at www.tandtroofingandrepair.com .



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