A Couple Helping Our Community Put the 'Happily Ever After' Back Into Marriage

Rob and Cindy Marbury, the new leaders of the Hamilton Mill UMC Rock Solid Marriage Ministry, invite you to laugh and learn with your spouse on March 17.

Rob and Cindy Marbury are the new leaders of the marriage ministry. They have graciously agreed to continue this ministry that was successfully started by Kristine and Nathan Heidger about three years ago. The Rock Solid Marriage Ministry’s goal is to strengthen our community by supporting one of the most important relationships we have in life.

“Our church is really big on missions and service to the community of all kinds," Rob Marbury said. “The ministry came from Pastor Dave Davis who felt called to educate people about marriages and making marriages stronger. The ministry started ideally as an opportunity for couples to get together and just get to know each other better.”

The Marburys were nominated by a committee that viewed their marriage as being strong, not perfect, but a relationship that continues to grow by learning more and more about each other.

Rob Marbury said he was flattered. Cindy admitted being a little nervous.

“I know our marriage is not perfect, but if someone identified us as a couple that is doing it right, we should take that seriously,” Rob said. “We are continually trying to learn about each other and support each other. Even if we make a mistake we are just trying to do the right thing and learn from it. I think that it is not about us telling other people ‘here is how you live your marriage,' it is more about saying that we should all work on our marriages because it is at the center of our lives. It is something that God has ordained, He is in it, and we are in it together.”

A happily ever after marriage is not one that just happens, life gives us challenges that couples can learn from and work through together.

“I think that today’s society is geared toward instant gratification,” Rob explained. “It is the idea that you meet somebody, you fall in love, they are going to be the perfect person and life is going to be wonderful. But, after time you go through challenges together and if your marriage isn’t strong and you have a financial issue or an issue raising your children, it is going to reveal all the weaknesses in your marriage. They can forget the passion when life just happens, and they think they are not getting what they want. You can take these opportunities to learn how to help each other through it or it can destroy it. It is important that couples learn to make their marriage as strong as possible in the good times and in the bad times.”

The Rock Solid Marriage Ministry has a great opportunity coming up for couples to spend time with each other, building a strong marriage, and working on enjoying the happily ever after journey together. On Saturday, March 17, from 6-9 p.m., Shaunti Feldhahn, a bestselling marriage author, speaker, and nationally-syndicated newspaper columnist, will lead an event titled "Putting the ‘Happily’ Back in Ever After."

“Shaunti and her husband met at Harvard where he was studying law and she was studying accounting,” Rob explained. “She ended up writing a book called 'For Women Only' that tries to explain how men and women are different and how when a man says this, a women hears something else. And when a woman says this, a man sometimes hears something else. She did research, interviewed, and she used her skills in taking data. She figured a few interesting things out. She is taking data, having fun with it, and putting it out in terms that people can understand and learn from.”

The Marburys say that couples can expect to walk away from this event and say, “Wow, is that really true!" and laugh about it.

“You can also expect to walk away with a new appreciation for your partner,” Rob said. “It does not matter if your marriage is good or bad, you do not have anything to lose. Come spend a couple of hours with the person that should be at the center of your life and learn from somebody that is fun, smart and that can tell you something that you did not know before.”

Bottom line is that the Marburys, this event, and this ministry are dedicated to helping our community.

“I am a strong believer that children need to have a secure feeling about their parents and that parental relationship,” Rob said. “It gives our children the strength to make the right decisions. I think that is why God ordained marriage and why he created it. I think that is how we can help our community. A stronger marriage equals a stronger family, and a stronger family equals a stronger community.”

Click here to find out more about the Hamilton Mill Rock Solid Marriage Ministry, and to register for the "Putting the ‘Happily’ Back in Ever After" marriage event on March 17 (childcare is available, but limited).

Who else is making a difference in Dacula? Click here to let us know!

Chip Mautz March 13, 2012 at 12:04 PM
Welcome Rob and Cindy - I'm sure you will do a great job taking over this ministry. Thank you so much, Nate and Kristine, for the great job you did in getting this started! Love y'all! You will be missed!


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