Dacula Councilwoman Dedicated to Public Service

A profile of city council member Sue Robinson.

Dacula City Council Member Sue Robinson has a true dedication to public service. After 30 years as an officer and investigator with the Gwinnett County Police Department, most people would take a rest from public service, but Robinson decided to continue serving the community and run for city council.

“I believe my police work and background in public service taught me the skills I needed to run for Council,” Robinson said. “I worked with people daily in my years in the police department. Both positions are similar in the fact that you learn to listen to people. You may not always have the answers, but you try to give your best advice.”

In addition to her dedication to public service, Robinson also decided to run for city council because she wants to make a difference in Dacula.

“I ran because I believed it was time for new fresh ideas,” Robinson said. “I wanted to be a new voice on the city council. When I am making decisions, I make them as if the money was coming out of my own bank account.”

The members of the Dacula City Council are responsible for making decisions that impact the daily lives of Dacula citizens. Robinson truly enjoys being a part of these decisions, and has learned from them over the years.

“I enjoy local politics and I have learned a lot over the past four years,” Robinson said. “I love being involved in the day to day decisions that are made by the city council. These decisions affect everyone in our community. I enjoy having and input in matters that benefit our city.”

Robinson has served four years as a councilwoman. In those years, there have been a lot of changes that she is proud to have helped make happen in our community.

“It has been interesting learning about where the money comes from, and where it goes in order to help our community,” Robinson said. “It is exciting seeing the money go to new business, restaurants and improvements in our city.”

There have been a ton of new sights in Dacula lately. Robinson is proud of these improvements for several reasons.

“I am proud of the that has opened up in Dacula,” she said. “ I enjoy seeing new businesses in our community, like the new shopping centers, and new restaurants. Bringing business into our community not only brings jobs, but it also means that residents can eat and shop in their own home town.”

During Robinson’s term, there have also been a lot of new and exciting changes to the historic downtown area of Dacula.

“The older downtown area on Second Avenue looks so much nicer and cleaner,” she said. “We have done a total renovation in this area. The changes have been in the works for close to a year. They have moved a road, and added more parking and beautiful brick work to the downtown area.”

Robinson has also made other decisions that many of us see daily.

“I am also proud of the new road improvements too like McMillan street and Franklin," she added. "These are decisions that I get to make that affect every person in our community.”

When Robinson is not making decisions and tending to our fine city of Dacula, she enjoys tending to her family and flower beds.

“My family always has been most important in my life,” Robinson proudly admits. “I enjoy spending time with my grandson, and I am happy to have another grandson on the way. I am getting use to being retired, and started gardening.”

Robinson also enjoys being part of the Dacula community.

“I love Dacula’s small town atmosphere,” Robinson said proudly. “We have great libraries, parks and schools here. I love that I can stay in town and do all of my day to day business. We like it so much that we have been in the same house for 28 years.”

Robinson has dedicated a grand total of 34 years to public service in Dacula. Is she ready for more?

“I have learned a lot about our county and city,” Robinson said. “I really enjoy serving on City Council, and I definitely plan to run again.”


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