Dacula Family Wins Lottery Again

Woman wins $20,000. Husband won $2.5 million in 2006.

A Dacula family is enjoying a second big win in the Georgia Lottery.

Janet McCray, 44, claimed a $20,000 prize in the lottery’s $3 Million Taxes Paid Extra Chance Promotion on Feb. 4. McCray’s husband Robert, former publisher of the Gwinnett Daily Post, won $2.5 million in 2006 according to a press release from the Georgia Lottery.

With Robert’s winnings, the McCrays paid bills, traveled, helped their family and purchased a Dairy Queen. The family’s latest winnings will help pay for a previously scheduled trip to the NCAA basketball tournament.

“We’re getting ready to go to March Madness,” said Janet in a released statement. “We’ll do that, and we’ll do some saving.”

The Georgia Lottery's $3 Million Taxes Paid game offers cash prizes up to $3 million after taxes. Players can submit non-winning tickets in the extra chance drawings for a chance to win $20,000 after taxes. Drawings are held on Wednesdays.

According to the Georgia Lottery Corporation, the lottery has returned more than $12.3 billion to the state of Georgia for education. All Georgia Lottery profits pay for specific educational programs, including Georgia’s HOPE Scholarship Program and Georgia’s Pre-K Program.


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