Hamilton Mill UMC Hosts Over 800 Kids for Vacation Bible School

Heather Korey, VBS leader tells us about this weeklong high energy inspirational summer camp.

On June 4,  opened its doors to over 800 kids for a fun-filled week of Vacation Bible School (VBS). After months of planning, organizing and gathering over 100 volunteers, VBS leader Heather Korey tells us what it means to have such a large group of kids show up for VBS.

“It makes it all worth it, to finally see the kids, know what we have done and to see what God is doing,” Korey said with a smile. “It is just amazing!”

Preparing for this many kids on a church campus requires a lot of support. 

“We have somewhere around 150 volunteers here this week,” Korey explained. “We have also had lots of support from the congregation through prayers, monetary donations, and donations of all of the supplies.”

Ensuring a meaningful and successful week of VBS also requires the support of the community. Hamilton Mill UMC was not alone in their dedication to teaching our youth the love of Christ and our community.

“It is not just our congregation that supports our VBS program,” Korey said. “We have many volunteers that attend other churches, and they come here to help us because we have so many kids attend.”

So what is the real reason why HMUMC members and our community put so many long hours into a week long summer camp?

“To share the message that God loves theses children,” Korey said. “For some of these kids this may be one of the few times they get to hear the message that Jesus came to this earth for them, God loves them, and there are people here in the community that care about them.”

And what did the 825 kids take away from this weeklong high energy motivational vacation bible school?

“No matter how you feel, trust God,” 7-year-old VBS camp attendee Kaylin Harris said loudly.

“Anything is possible with God,” 8-year-old camp attendee Macy Ring added.

“No matter what people do, you can trust in God,” 9-year-old camper Lauren Davidson explained.  

“No matter what, you can trust God,” 16-year-old youth volunteer Ben Mintz said.

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