HMUMC’s New Music Director Inspires Others to Use Their Gifts for God

Jason Arcega says it’s really not all about music, it is about people and discipleship.

Jason Arcega, the new music director for , believes that his job is not just about directing the choir. Through music, Arcega inspires members to serve God using their gifts and talents.

“I enjoy getting to work with people and helping them realize their potential,” Arcega said. “Whether I am working with little kids, planting seeds in music and getting them interested in worship or working with adults and the praise team to become worship leaders, I enjoy helping others reach their potential to better minster for God using their gifts. So, it is really not about music for me, it is about people and discipleship.”

As the music director, Arcega oversees a lot of different areas for the church. He works with the choir, conducts choir, leads music for the 8:15 a.m., 9:30 a.m. and 11 a.m. services, and oversees all the audio and visual elements. In addition, he helps out with Oasis, the family worship service, and the children's choir on Wednesdays.

Arcega certainly has a lot going on, but he remains focused on two major goals for his first year at HMUMC.

“There has been so much transition in this department,” Arcega explains. “I would like to bring a sense of healing and a sense of stability. And also, laying down a good foundation where people are excited about serving and want to come back and serve, I would like to give those who have not been asked before the opportunity to serve. I hope to bring people out of the woodwork and give them opportunities to use their gifts for God.”

You may think that the position of music director for Hamilton Mill UMC could only really impact the members of the church, but Arcega believes in inspiring members to make an impact that echoes far beyond the walls of the church.

As people grow and discover that worship is not just what we do on Sunday but worship is about your whole life, it can make a great impact,” Arcega explains. “Romans 12 talks about being a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to God. That includes our daily life 24/7. As people understand that, and live their life that way, they can’t help but make a direct impact on our community.”

Arcega has only been with HMUMC for a few short months. He joined the church on Sept. 1. But, he has been in the full time music ministry business for 25 years. Arcega started his music career when he was 19 with a traveling music group called Free Spirit. He traveled all over the US and Canada with them for three years, and then finished school. Since then he has always been heavily involved in churches, whether on staff or as a freelance musician or music minister. Arcega and his wife have also done some church consulting, and helping churches make the transition from traditional to contemporary.

Arcega is not the only one in his family dedicated to music ministry. His wife Wendy helps out at the church, and each of their three children are in involved in music as well. 

“We are a family of music and worship leaders,” Arcega said proudly. “Our daughter Rachel is 21, and is a violin major at Texas Christian University. And our two sons, Joshua, 19 and Caleb, 17 are involved in the music ministry at Hamilton Mill UMC and .”  

Arcega and his family moved here from Seattle, and are really enjoying our Dacula community and being in the south.

“Dacula is a beautiful and friendly place,” Arcega said. “We have been connecting with the wonderful people in the community and enjoying the great southern hospitality.”

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Jenn Harris November 22, 2011 at 05:03 AM
Jason, My husband and I are so happy you joined HMUMC. We love the music at the 9:30 service! I know it was hard to leave the beauty of Seattle. We lived there for 2 years. But, I know you will quickly fall in love with the southern way of life! Blessings! Jenn
Matt Tuggle November 22, 2011 at 07:15 PM
We're so glad that you're on board, Jason! It's been great so far! Great article, as always, Jenn!


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