Kevin Miller, Senior Pastor of Hebron Baptist Church

A profile of Hebron Baptist Church's new senior pastor.

Oftentimes when large churches are in need of new pastor, they go through the laborious task of searching for one in a manner that usually involves sifting through hundreds of resumes and interviewing candidates from around the country.  The task can be tiresome and can take a very long time, putting the church through much stress.

But that's not the way did things.  When Hebron needed a new pastor after long-time senior pastor of 33 years, Larry Wynn, stepped down to become the vice president of evangelism at the North American Mission Board, the church turned inward, not outward, to someone already in their midst. 

The Reverend Kevin Miller had been serving as Executive Pastor for Hebron for the past couple of years when he was asked to take on the role of senior pastor after Wynn's move. 

Miller accepted the position and seems to have great confidence that this is the right choice for his family.

"Without a doubt, my wife and I know this is where God wants us," he said. 

Miller is a Dacula native.  His family moved to Dacula when he was in in the seventh grade.  He went to and , graduating in 1989. 

Not only is he a Dacula native, Hebron church has also been his church home.  He committed his life to Christ and was baptized at Hebron.  He met his wife of 17 years, Darla, at Hebron.  Darla started coming to Hebron through their bus ministry when she was only three.  Pastor Miller was also ordained at Hebron and served in the student ministry for a time.

Pastor Miller served at Sarasota Baptist Church in Sarasota, Fla. for a few years as the student pastor and next generation pastor before coming back to Dacula as executive pastor at Hebron.

Pastor and Mrs. Miller have three children, a 12-year-old son, 15-year-old daughter and an adult daughter whom they adopted in 2006 when she was 16.  The Miller children were all dedicated at Hebron, and the two children still at home attend . 

The church consumes much of Pastor Miller's time, but when he does get a chance to play he enjoys fishing and triathalons. 

Pastor Miller knows that it is impossible to fill the shoes of such a beloved, long-standing pastor like Larry Wynn but he's not focusing on that. 

"Larry was my pastor.  It's impossible to fill his shoes, but God hasn't called me to fill shoes but to lead with my skills and my giftedness and to guide this church the way God has given me the ability to," he said.  "The mission of the church will stay the same, connecting people to Jesus Christ and His lifestyle." 

Hebron Baptist Church has been a huge part of the Dacula community for many years.  Pastor Miller's hope is to maintain that strong bond and continue to build upon the relationship between the community and the church.

"God has brought a lot of people here to Dacula and a lot of other great churches too, and we just want to continue to be a big part of the community and to keep pointing people to Jesus," he said.  "We want to keep the small town feel of Dacula by focusing on building strong relationships with one another."


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