Local Cleaning Lady Gives Cancer Patients a Little Peace of Mind

Through her company, Dream Clean, Sandra LeMay provides free monthly home cleaning for those battling cancer.

Sandra LeMay is dedicated to giving cancer patients in the Dacula area a little piece of mind. LeMay’s company Dream Clean is a locally owned and operated cleaning company that recently announced their affiliation with the Cleaning for a Reason Foundation, a non-profit providing free, professional house cleaning services to women undergoing treatment for cancer.

“Anyone who is going through cancer treatment can go to our website and fill out a form to request help,” LeMay explained. “After that we get an email about patients in our area that we can help. We come once a month and clean their homes for free for four months.”

LeMay contributes both time and money to this great cause.

“I wanted to help, so I specifically request to help clean for patients who are going through cancer treatments,” LeMay said. 

LeMay’s big heart and generosity comes from a very personal cancer experience. 

“My mother died from breast cancer and I remember how she would worry about her house not being clean enough when she had visitors,” LeMay said. “We try to give people some peace of mind. They should not have to focus or worry about a little thing like keeping their house clean. Most importantly they need to spend time with their family and focus on healing not worrying about cleaning the house.” 

If you would like to make a donation or learn more about this practical help for women, please click here

Do you know someone making a difference in Dacula? Click here and let us know!

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