Remember Brauny? Rescued Canine Featured in Webisode of 'Jail Dogs in 1C'

Society of Humane Friends of Georgia needs sponsors to assist in efforts to rescue abused and neglected dogs.

Remember ? Brauny was featured as a Dacula Patch pet of the day in October of 2011. Brauny was found in a closed house, unable to stand or lift his head.

When Brauny was rescued, his head was resting in a grease-caked skillet. According to the Operation Second Chance website, Brauny had used the last of his strength to pull himself over to the skillet. His owner was arrested and Brauny also went to jail as part of the "Jail Dogs" program.

The once-neglected dog is now a Society of Humane Friends of Georgia (SOHFGA)/Operation Second Chance success story. Brauny, along with several other rescue dogs, is currently featured in a webisode of "Jail Dogs in 1C," a 15-minute video showcasing dogs who have been spared from euthanasia and given a second chance at life as part of the Jail Dogs program.

The Jail Dogs program pairs rescued dogs with inmates at the Gwinnett County Detention Center. The inmates care for the dogs until the dogs are placed in a permanent home.

Brauny's handler praised the dog's progress and said Brauny would make a great house pet. As for his once emaciated state, Brauny has now recovered to the point he is on a weight management program (see videos).

The Society of Humane Friends of Georgia is currently seeking corporate and individual sponsors for the Jail Dogs program. Businesses interested in partnering with SOHFGA can email jaildogs@gmail.com for more information.

Individuals may sponsor a dog for $50. Sponsors receive recognition under their sponsored dog's listing and will receive a certificate when their sponsored dog is adopted. Donations in honor of a loved one are also welcome.

Additional information is available on the Jail Dogs website and on the Jail Dogs Facebook page.


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