The Amazingly Fun Chick-fil-A WinShape Camp Is Coming to Dacula

Robin Boozer at Hamilton Mill shares what it means to be a part of bringing this great experience to the children in our community.

Get ready for a fun summer camp experience! Thanks to Robin Boozer at Hamilton Mill United Methodist Church, WinShape Camp is coming to Dacula. The WinShape Foundation was started by a very familiar name here in south – Truett Cathy, founder of Chick-fil-A. With Mr. Cathy’s name behind it, you know WinShape camp will mean an amazing summer experience for both kids and parents alike.

“Truett Cathy and his wife first started the camps on the campus of Berry College in 1985, and those two week long camps are still in session today for boys and girls.” Boozer explained. “As the years progressed, they had the vision and the opportunity to open these camps for communities, and that is what is coming to our church campus.”

The high-energy camp is designed to provide a camp environment that challenges campers to sharpen their character, dive deeper in their faith, and form valuable friendships with other campers from their community.

“The kids get to have fun and make new friends,” Boozer said. “For children who have not had a summer camp experience, this is a true summer camp. You all gather together for a morning session where they sing songs, then they get to play games and pick activities. This camp has a Christian background with daily devotions too. It is fun, high energy and the kid’s walk away feeling spiritually grounded, and knowing that they can grow spiritually as well as physically and have fun too.”

WinShape Camp is described by campers and parents as the ultimate day camp experience.

“WinShape is a day camp, it is Monday through Thursday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., and then Friday is the Chick-fil-A family fun day from 8 a.m. until 2 p.m.,” Boozer explained. “This is a day where the family gets to come and actually experience the camp with their children. They will also enjoy a Chick-fil-A lunch.”

Boozer is excited to be able to help bring WinShape Camp to our community because it has had an incredible impact on her family and she wanted others to have this amazing experience too.

“This is my girls' sixth year at the WinShape two-week camp,” Boozer said. “On a personal level, it has changed our family completely. My girls definitely put others first and themselves second. And as much as I would like to say that it is John's and my great parenting skills, it is not, it is what they have learned at camp. They learn about working together, and serving others before themselves is a big part of camp.”

Boozer shared with us what a day at WinShape Camp looks like for the campers.

“Every morning, for the first 30 minutes they gather for a session called ‘Wake up,’ a really high energy morning devotion kick-off,” Boozer said. “The campers then get into groups of what they call ‘villages,’ and they have village time. The villages are made up certain age groups. They even have certain colors that they wear in the group during the week, and they work together to compete with the other villages. Each child also gets to experience three skills that week. The list of fun activities is huge, including archery, basketball, cheerleading, crafts, digital photography, drama, fast food, flag football, gymnastics, and more. They all get back together for ‘Town Square’ in the middle of the day, and then again for a worship session at the very end of the day called ‘Power Serve,’ the big wrap up.”

WinShape Camp will roll into town in a big semi truck for camp at Hamilton Mill UMC on July 9-13. In their truck, they will bring everything they need for an amazing summer camp.

“My role is to just coordinate the actual camp coming to Hamilton Mill UMC, WinShape does everything else,” Boozer explained. “They will be bringing in over 25 college and seminary students that they have trained for over a year to be camp counselors. They will also bring all of their own props, games, inflatables, and everything else. All of the registration goes through WinShape as well; we just try to assist them as the week goes on.”

Bringing WinShape to Dacula is a tremendous opportunity for Hamilton Mill UMC.

“For our church this means an opportunity for the children in our community to experience WinShape and the WinShape Foundation,” Boozer said with pride. “Their whole goal is to shape winners; to get children to think outside of the box, think of others, care for their community, and to become leaders in our community. This is only the second time the camp has been in Gwinnett County. The first one was four years ago over in Sugar Hill. This year we are the only camp in Gwinnett County, so we are very fortunate that they selected us as a host location. Our role as the host church is most important because after WinShape leaves, our job is to carry on what they have taught these children and make sure that they continue to lead by example.”

Bringing WinShape to our home town will also have a huge impact on our community.

“I think the camp builds character and leadership that these kids can then pass on in our schools or during sports activities,” Boozer said. “Once other children see our campers' behavior they can learn from their positive behaviors and it ends up impacting children all over our community.”

As the person in charge of bringing WinShape to Dacula, Boozer is really excited about being able to offer this amazing experience to the children and parents in our community.

“I am so excited to bring WinShape Camps to Dacula,” Boozer said proudly, “knowing what my children have learned from their experience at WinShape, and the high energy and enthusiasm that comes with this camp. I am just so excited to be able to bring it to our town. It is affordable for parents, so it will not be a hardship for them to send their child to WinShape. That means we can reach that many more kids in our community. My major goal is to get as many kids as possible here for that week to experience WinShape Camp and have a great week that they will remember for the rest of their lives.”

Please click here to learn more about WinShape Camp and to register your child or volunteer for this amazing summer camp!


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