The Great Escape: Friday Night is Date Night

This Friday from 5:30-9:30 p.m. it's date night for you and your someone special. No babysitters, no problem!

Let’s take a second and review the “Great Escapes” we have covered for the month of March.  The first one was for you and your girlfriends, hanging out and showing your artistic side at Magnolia’s in Lawrenceville.  The second was a great family day geocaching, no pressures from everyday life while you are searching for treasures in the great outdoors.  Then last week I gave you a suggestion on how to escape for 15 minutes all by yourself with no real planning.  So what is for this week you may be asking - it’s easy too.  How about a night with that someone special or, if you’d rather, a night all to yourself?  No babysitters planned, no problem, you don’t need it this week. 

The “Great Escape” for this week is from 5:30 until 9:00 p.m. on Friday evening.  You are going to have some free time to plan a special date night.  So plan on grabbing your special someone and head out to dinner and then catch a movie.  I checked the movie times for the here in Dacula and you should have enough time to catch the 7:05 showing of "Beastly" and still pick up those kids.  Where are they going? We will get to that in a moment; right now we are focusing on you. 

There are lots of choices for your escape right here in Dacula.  Dinner, a theatre movie or a rented flick, you may want to head up to Chateau Élan and enjoy the live music while you dine at Paddy’s Irish Pub or you could stop in at (the Dacula Dining Pick this week) and enjoy live music from Southern Rock/Country Artist Rachel Farley who will start performing at 7 p.m.  It doesn’t matter what you do, just do something fun, for you, that doesn’t involve the things that bog you down during the week.

Now about those kids, they are going to be so happy with you. Here is the deal - you can drop them off at Bogan Park for Kids Night Out.  They will enjoy swimming, games, crafts, dinner and fun with their friends.  They will think this night is all about them, but really it is all about you.  Check out the patch event calendar listing for right here and get this Friday night on the books.


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