Three Questions With the Mayor: Road Work, Spending Fact and Job Advice

Dacula Mayor Jimmy Wilbanks answers questions about our community.

In this week's "Three Questions With the Mayor," Dacula Mayor Jimmy Wilbanks provides an update on the latest city news and discusses job hunting.

Dacula Patch: What's new in Dacula this week?

Mayor Wilbanks: Construction continues on the maintenance facility and good progress is being made. The City also has contractors working on streets in two different sections of the City. Progress is being made on Superior Drive, Mobley Drive, and Laura Lane in the south of the City, and construction begins in earnest on the Freemans Walk Subdivision on the north side this morning. All the streets in this subdivision are being corrected and resurfaced. I encourage residents to refrain from street parking until the projects are completed. All the projects are being funded from the City’s SPLOST program.

Dacula Patch: What is something Dacula residents need to know?

Mayor Wilbanks: One dollar out of every $23 spent in the United States each year is spent in a convenience store.

Dacula Patch: If you could give a job seeker one piece of advice, what would it be? 

Mayor Wilbanks: I see the job seeking activity as a three program process.

First, the application process or resume process. Make sure that the application is neat, all words are spelled correctly, and provide how your skill set will add value to the job.

Secondly, the interview process. If the job seeker is invited to an interview, dress appropriately and neatly, minimize body adornments, be on time, answer questions honestly, and act professionally. Always keep in mind that the employer is seeking an applicant that can meld with the current employee set and add value to the person or company providing the job opportunity.

Thirdly, the probationary period. Most employers hire with a probationary period, usually six months to one year. During this period, the probationary employee can be let go for no reason. This is the chance for the job seeker and the employer to find out if the seeker and the employer are compatible. It is the chance for the job seeker to demonstrate that the skill set the seeker brings to the job enhances the employer’s product, service or the like. Always be on time, don’t miss a day of work without an iron-clad reason, represent the employer in the best possible light to customers, clients, co-workers, and others. Everyone knows that not every day on the job is going to be a good day, but leave home problems at home and give your employer a full day’s work. Your employer will be looking to see how you handle bad days as well as those that are good.

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