Three Questions With the Mayor: Unfunded Mandates, Price Shock and the Importance of Perception

Dacula Mayor Jimmy Wilbanks answers questions about our community.

In this week's "Three Questions With the Mayor," Dacula Mayor Jimmy Wilbanks provides an update on the latest city news and discusses the importance of perception.

Dacula Patch: What's new in Dacula this week?

Mayor Wilbanks: City staff is completing work on all the state-mandated, but not funded, reporting requirements that are due today. These reports are of no value to city residents and provide no benefits for municipal taxpayers -- yet our taxpayers pay for them. They are unfunded mandates from the State Legislature, and will most likely find a place of dusty repose somewhere in state government never again to be seen by any human being.

Dacula Patch: What is something Dacula residents need to know this week?

Mayor Wilbanks: Speaking of cost and value, about 100 years ago an advertisement for  Stanley Brothers store ran in the News Herald: 20 pounds of granulated sugar for $1, two cans of salmon for 15 cents, a pair of "25 cent grade" men’s (hose) socks for 10 cents, and a 10-quart milk bucket for 9 cents. Gosh, what does sugar cost today? Or a pair of men’s socks? Or could you even find a milk bucket today. Just a thought for today.

Dacula Patch: What do you think is the most important issue facing Dacula in 2013 and why?

Mayor Wilbanks: The most important issue facing Dacula in 2013 has to do with perception. It all boils down to the fact that there is no free lunch. If you desire a municipal service (and it is provided), the people who pay taxes fund it. Coupled with the money issue is the mistaken idea that most elected officials at all levels of government are crooks. While there may be the odd bad apple, most municipally, elected officials are hard-working, honest folks, my and your neighbors -- folks who are tasked with decision-making activities that cannot please every segment of their constituency. Yet, consistently, they make decisions which are in the best interest of their municipalities and their tax payers. While every decision made in Dacula is transparent, the City Council and I are attempting to do a better job at describing that transparency. One of our most important goals for 2013 is to be better content providers. After all, perception is 100 percent in government.

What do you consider to be the most important issue facing Dacula in 2013? Let us know in the comments.

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