Woman Reports Seeing What Appeared to Be 'One Big UFO' Over Dacula

The sighting occurred on Wednesday, Jan. 15.

Multiple UFO sightings have been reported in the past few day. Credit: Morguefile
Multiple UFO sightings have been reported in the past few day. Credit: Morguefile
Did beings from another world recently visit Dacula? A large light formation that "resembled nothing that could be explained" was spotted traveling across the sky near downtown Dacula on Wednesday, Jan. 15, according to a report on UFO Stalker.

The unidentified witness claims she saw at least 10-15 very dim red lights in a row pulsating sequentially.

"When I spotted it I immediately said 'what the HELL is that' and I never say hell," she wrote on the UFO Stalker website.

The formation, she wrote, was moving, but moved so slowly it was hard to tell it was not stationary.

"I noticed that it looked like it was in fog so I thought the sky must be hazy but after I got to where I could no longer see it, I Looked up and noticed that all the planes and stars were very bright," she explained. "The sky was crystal clear with a very bright moon. The reason I lost it is because I came into my town which not only was brightly lit but I couldnt see beyond the tree line now. It was too far to the north and trees were surrounding me."

The woman indicated she believes she saw what was probably a massive craft with lights on it.

"I got that impression because there was also a light in front of it (not red) and also because the lights stayed in such a perfect straight line. It moved very very slowly and if it was so far away that it looked hazy and slow, then that means it was far bigger than I thought. ONE Of the red lights was not much smaller than the planes in the sky so if you can imagine at least 10-15 red lights in a row that is one big UFO," she wrote.

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The Dacula sighting is not the only one reported locally this week. On Jan. 14, a witness reported seeing "unreal movement" in the skies over Winder. The following day, on Jan. 15, another sighting was reported near Winder involving a series of red, orange and white lights -- some flashing, some not.

Also on Jan. 15, a sighting was reported in Lawrenceville. According to the report, the witness was traveling on Sugarloaf Parkway toward Grayson when he or she spotted a formation of red and white lights. That same day, six to eight pulsating red lights moving in a formation were spotted over Athens:

"I assumed Military but heard nothing as far as rotary or turbine," the witness wrote. "There was no wind to interfere with sound. I went downstairs and got the other occupants of the house to come outside and see what I was seeing. All of us witnessed (3 persons) the lights moving East to West in the South. The entire event lasted about 10-12 mins."

This is not the first time UFOs have been spotted in the area. Previous sightings have been reported in WinderBuford and Dacula.

A recent Patch poll indicated nearly 80 percent of respondents believe extra-terrestrial beings have visited Earth. What do you think? Click here to cast your vote.

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Steve Brooks January 18, 2014 at 07:44 AM
Hog wash!!!!
Charley Beans January 18, 2014 at 09:42 AM
"I said 'Hell' and I never say Hell." -Linguists and philosophers weep openly.
OnceWasAnnie January 19, 2014 at 07:33 PM
Wow! Because a woman said "Hell" and she NEVER says this, that's proof positive that we're being visited by alien craft! Yeah, okay. Idiot woman...
Karen A January 26, 2014 at 08:50 AM
Over the years I have seen groups of military helicopters fly over Dacula at night from west to east or east to west. They all had red lights. She said she didn't hear them, but they could have been far enough away that she couldn't hear them. I think she saw some helicopters.


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