‘Midnight Rider’ Filmmakers in Custody for 45 Minutes

Two of the movie directors for the Gregg Allman movie, indicted on criminal charges for the death of a camera assistant on set, turned themselves in to Georgia authorities.

Gregg Allman performing, Gregg Allman Facebook
Gregg Allman performing, Gregg Allman Facebook
Directors of the embattled Gregg Allman movie “Midnight Rider” --  Randall Miller and his wife, Jody Savin -- turned themselves in to Georgia authorities on Sunday.

They spent a total of about 45 minutes in custody, according to GBP News.

The two face criminal charges of involuntary manslaughter and criminal trespass for the death of camera assistant Sarah Jones, according to a previous Patch story.

Production of “Midnight Rider” stopped in February after a freight train traveling at 55 mph unexpectedly plowed through the crew as filming was done on location, injuring six and killing Jones.

Miller and Savin went to Georgia for mugshots and fingerprints, GBP News reports. The two left on $25,000 bond after being in custody for 45 minutes and returned to California.

According to investigators, Miller and the crew were filming on a railroad bridge over the Altamaha River near Savannah, but did not have permission to be there, Patch reports. One lawyer said the accident was a “clear-cut case of negligence.”

But Atlanta attorney Don Samuel does not believe criminal charges are necessary, according to GBP News.

“This was not criminal behavior; there was no criminal intent; there was no malice; and certainly no basis, we believe, for criminal charges to be brought,” Samuel told the news outlet.

Executive producer for the movie, Jay Sedrish, also faces these charges. He is expected to turn himself in to authorities.

Jones’ friends and family launched “Slates for Sarah” to honor her. Productions worldwide wrote her name on slates -- the board the claps together at the beginning of a scene -- and posted pictures on social media. The Slates for Sarah Facebook page to date has 72,519 likes.


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