Dacula Gas Prices: June 17

Lowest reported local price is $3.51 per gallon.

Prices fell slightly in the past 36 hours. Currently, all local stations listed by Georgia Gas Prices are charging under $3.58 a gallon. According to Georgia Gas Prices, the lowest gas prices in Dacula can be found at:

  • , 1750 Winder Highway - $3.51
  • , 3595 Braselton Highway - $3.52
  • , 2460 Hamilton Mill Parkway - $3.53
  • , 2483 Hamilton Mill Parkway - $3.53

GeorgiaGasPrices.com lists the highest priced station in Dacula as:

  • , 1205 Winder Highway - $3.55
  • , 4185 Braselton Highway  - $3.57

Georgia’s Clean Air Campaign Cash for Commuters Program gives participating commuters $3 a day for each day they carpool, ride transit, telework, bicycle or walk to work up to $100 over an assigned 90-day period. For more details, visit the Clean Air Campaign website.


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