Dacula Restaurant Inspections: Feb. 8

Find out which Dacula restaurant scored an 85 and which one scored 100 on follow up inspections and check out the other new scores posted this week by the health department.

The East Metro Health District is tasked with ensuring restaurant compliance with applicable health and safety regulations. The following restaurant scores are the most recent scores available from the East Metro Health District website as of Feb. 7.


2300 Liam Road, Suite 101
Most recent score: 85
Most recent inspection: 2/2/12
Click here for most recent report.
Previous Score: 68 
Previous inspection: 1/27/12
Click here for previous report.


2559 Pharr Avenue
Most recent score: 100
Most recent inspection: 1/31/12
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Previous Score: 70
Previous inspection: 1/26/12
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New inspections:

2320 Liam Avenue
Score: 87
Last inspection: 1/31/12
Click here for report.


1707 Hurricane Shoals Road
Score: 100
Last inspection: 2/2/12
Click here for report


505 Dacula Road
Score: 88
Last inspection: 2/2/12
Click here for report.


2760 Braselton Highway
Score: 97
Last inspection: 2/3/12
Click here for report.


2300 Liam Avenue
Score: 82
Last inspection: 2/2/12
Click here for report.


2740 Braselton Highway, Suite A
Score: 96
Last inspection: 2/3/12
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Kristin Ball February 08, 2012 at 11:11 AM
I'm glad to see that Amy's took the inspection and violations seriously. Good for you for turning it around and making a Perfect Score!!!
Cynthia Montgomery February 08, 2012 at 03:04 PM
Truth be told, last week my husband and I went to eat at two different locations. First because Del Rio got off the "DIRTY" list we went to see if there was any difference, I will not go eat where there is a score below 93. I made the decision to vote with my dollar, in other words, if they won't be serious about my health and safety then I won't be serious about spending my money with them. I was quite pleased with the much desired trip back to Del Rios! YEAH they brought up their score and we enjoyed a wonderful dinner with cold dipping sauce(which was sited weeks ago) along with warm crisp chips. SO SO SO GOOD! I had my favorite and my husband has his number 11! BOTH were GREAT and the service was best we had ever enjoyed from a UGA student! THe place was clean, delicious and friendly, it is great to be able to enjoy Del RIo's again. But when asked the next morning after a morning meeting did I want to have breakfast at Amy's I had so say NO due to the previous score, 70! come on!! Amy's has the best breakfast in town but that morning the IHOP got our money! Great to see Amy's will be our choice this week! Thanks PATCH for keeping us and the restaurants in the know! Serving hundreds is hard but keeping a clean place is important to your patrons!
Andrew February 08, 2012 at 08:04 PM
Well-said Cynthia. I too, keep an eye out on our eateries and as hard as it is to earn a buck these days, I'm sure not going to spend it at dirty restaurants. I demend a lot when I go out. Even at McDonolds or other fast food places. Its our money, we decide where to spend it.


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