Starbucks Raises Prices: What Do You Think?

The popular coffee chain and meeting place says it is trying to recoup higher costs.

Talk about hitting where it hurts -- Starbucks coffee in the Atlanta area is pricier now.

The coffeehouse chain said Tuesday that it is increasing prices about 1 percent on some drinks, including the "tall" coffee. That's about a 10-cent increase. Most Sunbelt states are included, but not Florida.

The company says it is trying to recoup higher costs.

For many, Starbucks is about more than coffee. It's a great place for business meetings, dates and just hanging out with others from the 'hood. The company website lists five stores with a Suwanee street address, with some located inside other stores, such as Target and Kroger.

So now we ask, what do you think about this price increase? Take our poll, and tell us in the comments.

Bob Williams January 05, 2012 at 01:53 AM
Covering increased supplier costs is a common practice with business to keep their existing margins. The article says their last across the board price increase was 2007. I wish necessity items could hold their price that long.


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