Abortion Is Slavery of the 21st Century

Abortion is the one issue that will polarize a nation quicker than any other issues during election time.

As the left sees its election lead vanishing, they look into their bag of sure fire tricks and pull out a standard polarizing topic: abortion. Why does abortion fire up so many voters? The right to take another life has always been a stain on our history and our country.  

Let's look at how abortion is a mirror to slavery of the past. Many moralists believed it was immoral to own or kill another human being. It was not until a war was fought and the president changed the law that it became illegal for one human being to determine the life outcome of a fellow human being. It was once lawful for a slave owner to purchase property (a slave), sell, abuse, or kill his own property with little or no outrage from fellow humans. Nowadays, a woman can also kill her property i.e., her pregnancy. 

Since a slave was considered property, the slave owner decided if the slave should live or die. The slave held no power in the decision. If the slave was interfering in the life of the slave owner to an undesirable state, the slave owner could decide to sell the slave or even to have the slave put to death. The slave owner had property rights to the future of that human life. Hundreds of thousands died in order to end the issue of calling a fellow human being "property." The issue of property rights of owning another fellow human being became repugnant. 

There is a war going on today that has the same moral issue. Slavery had to do with one person believing they had property rights regarding another human being. In our society today, women have the same rights when it comes to the ownership of their unborn children. If the woman decides she does not want the child she can kill the child with no legal repurcussions. A woman can be six months pregnant and go to an abortion clinic and end that child's life with no repercussions just as the slave owner could kill his slaves. The child has no rights to their life anymore that a slave did years ago. If a woman decides that her pregnancy is not working well into her life since she “owns” the property within her, she has the right to end the life within her. Abortion is the slavery of the 21st century.  Will we have to fight a war to end the belief that women have property rights to another human being?  

Abortion is the one issue that will polarize a nation quicker than any other issues during election time. If you believe that a person does have the right to take another person life then you will probably vote for Obama.  He states he would give his daughters an abortion because he does not want to saddle his daughters with a mistake.  Abortion is a moral issue.  It is a moral question as to when life begins and when the child is viable. The truth is this country has given property rights to women who are pregnant. A woman has the property rights to her body just as the slave owner had property rights to his slave's life. It took a war and new laws to stop slavery, what will it take to stop abortion?

I agree that a woman does have the right to her body but that also includes the newly formed woman in the womb. I believe that just as a slave master was able to murder his slave if he or she did not meet with their approval, it is the same logical answer given for abortions. The pregnancy does not meet with the approval of the woman and so since she holds property rights to her body and therefore the child, she has the right to kill the child just as the slave owner had the right to do away with his property problem.  

The left is in such a bad place that I guess they will have only "one trick" left up their sleeves. Anytime the left gets into a place of no win, they reach into their pocket and the pull out their "go to rally topic" of, you guessed it... ABORTION!   They have gone to this issue so many times even the abortionist get weary of being called baby killers. The women I know that have had abortions will say it was a mistake. The women I know that have had abortions still mark their dead child's birthday each year. The women I know that have had abortions do not want their daughters or their granddaughters to experience their pain that followed them throughout their lives.  

So abortion is a HUGE issue in this election. Abortion affects all. But more than all of the above reasons, the women I know that have had an abortion, want this election to be about issues that affect the majority of women. They are interested in a secure job that become a career, a safe future free of a another 911 attack, a house to live in, their neighborhood vibrant and not full of empty houses, they want medical care that they direct and not medical care that the government directs, and they want their retirement protected. They have seen these serious issues become lost in the clamor of the more fiery issue of abortion. The abortion issue affects a very limited small group of Americans. Why is it that the majority of Americans have to be highjacked into the abortion discussion each year by the left? Easy, it is all they have anymore! 

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Duluth2 October 16, 2012 at 06:47 PM
@Cynthia says: "they want medical care that they direct and not medical care that the government directs" @Duluth2 asks (rhetorically): "What is more intrusive than the government directing a woman's reproductive health care decisions?"
Cynthia Montgomery October 16, 2012 at 08:32 PM
Duluth2 You are correct, how can it be that her property should be directed by anyone other than her? It is the same as it was during slavery, how can it be that any other slave master should direct the life decisions of his very own property meaning his slaves. It is about whether we have evolved into a society that values life or if we value property rights above human life. Murdering or taking the life of another is the MOST intrusive of all decisions. Our society will be judged on how we treat those weakest among us and today we fail in that we reduce fellow human beings to nothing more than property.
Tammy Osier October 16, 2012 at 11:25 PM
I have a hard time with the word, "reproductive health" as a catch word to keep from saying what you can't say outloud. When my first grandaughter was born, she was born with her eyes open, and the thought popped into my head, "Wow! Some people's "rights' dictate that 5 minutes ago, you didn't have the right to live." Yet, that baby had a name. That baby is a human being with rights. What about her/his rights? I heard someone on the radio yesterday give their reasons why it should be alright to abort a baby. Thte host said, "How do you know this isn't someone who will cure cancer?" The caller said, 'How do you know that this won't be a mass murderer? OK. Good question-How do you know? Better question-"What gives you the right to decide who lives and who dies based on that information if you did know? Had the government no interfered in th first place, it wouldn't be considered a government matter, but a matter of law. Food for thought.
Karsten Torch October 17, 2012 at 05:55 PM
Here's my problem with this topic. Those of us that believe abortion is bad and shouldn't be allowed do so because we believe that is a life, not an organ in the mother's body. Those that defend abortion can't seem to come to grips that there are others that see it as murder. They make the argument that it's not a life, point to studies that say there is no self-awareness until some vague point during the pregnancy, some say at birth, that there's no difference between taking out a fetus and removing a kidney, and they refuse to acknowledge the idea that others hold that life sacred. So you're right, some considered slaves to be inferior, beneath notice, and their lives meant nothing. Just like the unborn. I just don't get it.....
Grant October 17, 2012 at 05:55 PM
In 4000 years of recorded history the legality or illegality of abortion has had exactly ZERO affect on the prevalence of the practice . It is simply not an issue that government has ever had any effective role in nor will it ever be an issue that government can control . Wasted energy and effort.
Karsten Torch October 17, 2012 at 08:41 PM
So..since we really can't control it, I kinda like where this thought is going. Let's use the same theory and not worry about guns laws, at all, since they don't work, and usually have the opposite effect. To that matter, we shouldn't bother with human trafficking laws, as they're really not effective either. (To be fair, I'm all about the first idea, not really on board with the second - just making a point)
Cynthia Montgomery October 17, 2012 at 09:40 PM
Karsten, You are a wise person. I can also see a heart of love in your words as well. For some who have had a hard and loveless life, they can not understand the value of life. They can not understand the world, "I formed you in your mother's womb." It is not easy for those who believe that all life, even the young, old, handicapped, autistic, retarded, sick, dying, and the unborn are just a waste of resources and energy. That is so far from the truth in God's eyes as He sees valuable and worth in all life. Jesus came upon a mute man and those around asked, "Teacher, who sinned this man or his parents?" Jesus answered, "Neither has sinned , he is, as he is ,so the glory of God will be magnified." In other words, the less than perfect situations are such so that we can be seen by God as bringing lightness to the situation or as one who would bring darkness to the situation. Choose light! WIth the medical advancements of today that allows man and woman to see inside the house of the child as its grows until its birthday, how can any feeling human being say yes to it's death. Grant, you are foolish to believe that Roe vs Wade has not had an affect on abortion but you speak like a true believer in the practice! Energy is never wasted on the life of a child. Sounds like justification jargon to me.
Cindy October 17, 2012 at 11:39 PM
Cynthia, you have written an excellent article and dealt rationally with a curse upon our nation. You mentioned "I formed you in your mother's womb"...which is akin to the Scripture reference, "Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you" in Jeremiah. It is difficult to fathom, after holding a perfect little innocent baby in my arms, that anyone in their right mind would destroy (aka murder) one of God's most precious creations. What must God think of this practice? In the Old Testament He clearly let the Israelites know what he thought. The practice of neighboring cultures who sacrificed their children to their idols was absolutely abhorrent to the one true God. Sacrificing babies on the altar of abortion to satisfy personal convenience (or whatever reason one would choose to do such a thing) is equally detestable to God. I wonder how those who call themselves "Christian" can support political candidates who espouse abortion. Just a thought. If you read the book "Heaven Is For Real", Colton saw babies in Heaven...including the miscarried older sister he never knew he had until he met her in Heaven. I also believe no human life is a mistake. God knew each of us BEFORE He formed us in our mother's womb. He never intended us to be murdered by our own mothers.
Cindy October 17, 2012 at 11:46 PM
I know of several women who have had abortions. All still suffer emotionally, and some physically. One told me the abortion clinic repeatedly said "it's not a real baby". They also told her not to look at it....but she did. She cried in my arms and told me it WAS a real baby. She was angry that the abortion clinic workers lied to her, tricked her into getting the abortion, and had no remorse over killing her child and letting her agree to it. She was also distraught that God might never forgive her. Abortion is NOT an innocent practice, and is something that carries lasting effects and consequences. Some women die, some are left sterile, and most (if not all) suffer a lifetime of emotional baggage. My Bible teaches that God can forgive any sin if we ask for His forgiveness. That does not mean we deliberately do something because we know we can be forgiven. However, if the deed has been done, "God is merciful" and will hear us if we humble ourselves and come to Him. My heart goes out to women who have fallen into the trap of abortion. There is forgiveness, and God can use that testimony to help others who are thinking of abortion for their unborn child....or who have suffered from a previous abortion. God bless America!
Tammy Osier October 18, 2012 at 12:45 AM
What gets me is the argument of "self-awareness". So, it's ok to take your life because you are not aware of yourself yet? Because they don't know anything of life, it's ok? None of us knew anything when we were born, but if each has a call on their lives, then we go from no awareness to self awareness to an awareness of our call and purpose. I just don't get that.:(
Cynthia Montgomery October 18, 2012 at 01:58 AM
It is the liberal left's way of justifying their behavior. I have friends that have had abortions. I feel for them and the baggage they carry. I love the sinner but hte the sin for I am told, "Judge Not Less Ye Be Judged." There is nothing under the sun that will not be revealed so everyone will called to give an account for themselves and their child. More and more are finding abortion a foolish act yet we must realize they are confused about their life and choose to give up their blessing.
Cindy October 18, 2012 at 08:21 AM
Well said, Cynthia. There but for the grace of God go I....or you....or any other woman. All will be revealed. BUT, those sins that are forgiven are cast as far as the east is from the west from God and from us. In the Bible, God did pronounce judgement on those nations that embraced child sacrifices. All of us have a chance to make the decision for God or not for God; for Heaven or not for Heaven. Babies go straight on in and are embraced into God's loving arms. Ironic, isn't it? Almost "poetic justice".
Tammy Osier October 18, 2012 at 10:30 AM
I knew some people once who did not talk to women going in, but were there for them when they came out. They very lovingly let them know that they had someone to talk to if they needed it; no pressure, no judgement. Seems the most Christlike thing to do. Many of those women took them up on it and are vibrant woment today because of the love and grace that those people showed those women. Like you said, none of know what kind of situation we could find ourselves in and how would you wvant to be treated? people who judge us prolife people don't seem to understand that we know it's not just a procedure, but has lasting emotional scars that are attached. Our job is to warn if we are allowed, but also to love. It is the law of the land, and people do have that right. But so many have been lied to and that's what makes me angry. Politicians don't care about those women. The abortion industry is a money maker to them.
Cynthia Montgomery October 19, 2012 at 05:48 AM
Tammy, Outside the abortion clinic over in Lawrenceville, as if a shadow beneath the building that is bringing life into the world are caring people that are silently praying for the children that are being aborted each day. To think that a child is inside being surrounded by people just wanting to get it over with is tragic. It comforts me to know that when these tiny little souls have someone praying for them as their journey here on earth is ending. Kindness is also waiting for the women that have just been sucked into the Planned Parenthood lie of abortion. PP takes money from Susan G saying they are using it for breast exams but if you look at the amount they are given and the number of breast exams they do you can see that money is being used for other procedures. I never give money to Susan G anymore. Why won't Susan G. just develop clinics or women for breast exams? Easy, because they want our money to go to abortions. It is true we need to be forgiving yet, we are also called to bring heaven to Earth ( thy will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven)and as far as I know there are not abortion clinics in heaven. I choose to believe that it is a confused and fearful mother, father, or weary grandmother that decided on abortions. I believe that one day our civilization will develop to a point where we will no longer kill our young. The tide is turning on the abortion debate as science continues to reveal the private life inside the womb.
Tammy Osier November 25, 2012 at 01:47 AM
Actually, Cynthia, PP doesn't do mammograms. They refer, that's all. No mammograms done there. None. It was the misinformed president that said that. Even PP corrected him during the campaign.


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