Being the Friend of the Cheshire Cat, VP Biden

A view of being Joe Biden's friend.

"Joe Biden at his best!" that is how ABC's democratic commentator described VP Biden's performance at the vice presidential debate.  All I can say is that if that was Joe Biden at his best, God Help Us All!"  He had every advantage in the debate - age, experience, inclusion, and years of being in the know, so, why was this performance called "his best" my friend?  Ryan held his own with sincere, smart, and articulate answers.  All the while Biden continued to call Ryan his "friend" after disrespecting him over and over.  I never want to be known as Joe Biden's "friend."  

Let's look at what being Joe Biden's friend entails.  On the biggest public venue, television, Biden friendship entails his being; arrogant, defiant, argumentative, interrupting, clownish, boorish, foolish, spastic, and rude.  Biden acted like the crazy uncle everyone avoids at the family reunion.  In female terms, he behaved like that sister-in-law you are polite to, but never ask over for dinner.  It was telling of the Democratic Party mindset to hear his own party calling his performance, " His Best!"   

Our country's problem is that Biden's debate performance was indeed Biden at his best.  We saw Biden for the democrat that he is, which is arrogant and rude.  He has been the Vice President for four years.  He has been in Washington for over 30 years and respectfully, his "best" is just not good enough for where our country is today.  I saw first hand, in his debate performance, why nothing is getting done in Washington.  Biden, at his best, is the worst for America.  He continued throughout the debate to be disrespectful and rude.  His talking over Ryan, laughing at serious moments, and obviously giving us his "tell" by glaring his dentures at us over and over are signs of how democrats treat others.  

After a while Biden got to be creepy.  He reminded me of the grinning spiteful Cheshire cat.  His grinning overshadowed his words for me most of the night. After awhile his contorted Cheshire cat grin became plain annoying.  I tried to just turn off his spastic behavior and tried to hear his message, he made some valid comments, yet his message was just as arrogant and rude.  It is not our fault four years later, we have tried for four years, and we can't get it done so, we will just say negative things to make our competition look bad, was his tone.  

At times, I believed him and then Ryan would speak to the topic and it was back to Cheshire cat rude Biden.  His inability to be "presidential" was obvious.  His inability control his glaring grin was rude, my friend.  His arrogant tone to the moderator when she challenged him was rude, my friend.  His not following the rules, of the debate, he agreed to, was rude, my friend.  His constant interrupting was rude, my friend.  His mindset that Ryan did not deserve the common courtesy to speak uninterrupted was rude, my friend.  He was just plain out rude, my friend! That may play well in certain parts of the Washington, but not in the south and I suspect not in most American homes and certainly not with women.  Women have been spoken to in this condescending manner, in the past, it is not appreciated ever!  No, I do not want to be a FRIEND of the "Rude Man " Joe Biden. His "Uncle Joe" personality is not productive and is one that America does not need when we need.  We need a coming together of leaders not leaders being arrogant and rude to the point of accomplishing nothing. 

I can say that while he has strong belief in his answers, I found his answers to be a mundane replay of the last four years of failure.  His blaming answer as to why they could not get this country moving was that things were so horribly bad when they got elected.  Of course things are bad at the top level, it is the White House. The White House is where the worst issues rest on the presidential desk.  If things were easy, you and I could handle them!  I have been voting for 30 years and never have I seen a campaign slogan that says, "Well guys, things are coming up roses so let's just leave the current administration in office!"

Surely there is no one in America that thinks that by taxing the richest 130,000 families in America the rest of us can go tax free, our deficit will disappear, the jobs will return, and America will go back to the hay days of the Reagan years!  No, it will take hard decisions and EVERYONE will have to tighten up their belts, not just the rich. I believe that everyone should share in the correction of our problems as everyone help create the issues. To say half of Americans should not help fix the problem is again class warfare.  Biden and Obama are class haters. They can't run on their past failing record, so they bring on the class hate game.  

I don't believe they are going to give us anything different in the next four years. I don't believe Biden has the ability to listen. I don't believe Obama has the quality of true leadership.  Don't you think if they could have turned around this mess in four years - they would have turned this mess around?   No, I don't have any belief that they can get us out of this mess.  Their FORWARD theme is just more of their HOPE from four years ago!  Things are still bad four years later so it is time for "my friend" to go!  

Biden's closing statement was bumbling and lacked in any coherent thought.  It really did mirror his four years in the White House, noisy but no clear answers. Too many times he had senior moments separated by his arrogance.  I admire that Ryan did have a  "presidential" quality.   He was firm and even in the noisiness of Biden, he continued to put his ideas out for all Americans to hear.  Biden just could not play by the rules and was plain old rude!  Can you imagine him negotiating for America with world leaders?  His personality gives me concern. Biden talked about being in places of importance and being in the room with world leaders during his historical time in Washington but the reality is, Biden's last four years was his historical time and he failed. Unemployment is still high YEARS later!  Social Security and Medicare are almost bankrupt.  Biden & Obama steal from Social Security to put another government program into place that we cannot afford.  They tell America that the RICH can solve our problems by paying more, for their years of spending, is just plain class warfare and foolish!  We cannot afford more of the same from "our friend" Biden and his debate bombed Obama.  

It is time for new blood.  It is time for new ideas.  It is time for a vice president that can be quiet and listen to others.  It is time for a vice president that does not believe that he holds all the ideas in his own puffed up hot head.  It is time for a president and vice president that can work across party lines.  It is time for America to be that shinning city on a hill once again.  We need more brainpower in the White House than we have had these past four years.  It is time for a Romney/Ryan presidency. 

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Tammy Osier October 13, 2012 at 03:24 PM
I think people are ready for that. I hope the next two debates will show who is the grown-up in the room. While I respect that obama has done the best he knows how and has his own convictions, they are still not good for this country. I wish he 9and others when they get into office) would take alook at history when making decision. Throwing money at problems and raising taxes has NEVER worked. NEVER. So, why would you do it? because you want to please a portion of those who elected you. You've got to keep their vote. Not the mature reason. Need someone who will do the right thing, even if it makes people mad. That's what grown-ups do. We stand our ground with our teenagers when they want to do something that will be detrimental to them. They hate us for a while but in the end thank us for not giving in and being a softy. I am alive because my parents didn't let me go to parties where things happened that I might have been involved in had I gone. I had thought about doing a blog titled: Does character matter?" I'm strapped for time now, but would love to do something that examined psychological profiles and whether leadership is good or bad for certain personalities. And to be honest, if I were a liberal watching from the outside, and was completely honest with myself, I think I'd have a big Al gore *sigh* going on in my head right now. lol
Elizabeth October 14, 2012 at 12:40 PM
Interesting that you used the description "Cheshire cat". That is the same description I used when talking with friends about the debate.
Cynthia Montgomery October 14, 2012 at 03:25 PM
If all the left has is Biden, our country is in deep do-do! His job was make up lost space for Obama and in my mind, he just could not get it done. His Cheshire cat arrogant knowingly grin was sad to se and worse to watch.
Tammy Osier October 15, 2012 at 01:12 AM
Don't forget shaking uncontrollably, shaking his head bavk and forth, and making insane remarks while Ryan was still talking, all the while snickering like the Joker in Batman.


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