Blame vs. Game

The final debate showed each man's view of the past and the future.

Well, the debates are over. They can be summed up in three words, "Blame verses Game!"  Obama spent the debates placing blame and Romney rolled out how he would win with his proving game. I was determined to watch all three debates and I did.  I wanted to see each man as he put forth his plan for America.  I think the debates  went this way.  The first debate Romney won by six points, The second debate Obama won by two points.  The last debate was also won by Obama but only by one point. So total it all up and you have Romney six and Obama three. By the third debate you just knew it was going to be Obama attacking and Romney trying to put his plan forward for the American voter.  Romney won when he needed to and Obama just could not catch up.  Obama came out swinging at every pitch like a man about to be released from the team, while Romney spoke like a man who had just been picked up for an additional four years.  Each man spoke his peace.  Romney was direct and laid out his plan for our future.  Obama was blaming, attacking, and keep saying I need another four years. It is over for me.  I am convinced that Ronmey is the best man for the job going forward.  While I did like some of Obama’s past actions, I am now more sure than ever that Obama is done and Romney is our future president.  With that said, let me say that I do appreciate that Obama was our first black president. He did his best for America but it was no better than a certain Georgian that could not govern either.  The difference was Carter did not blame everyone else for his own failures.  As Obama went from one attack to another Romney finally came out and said what needed to be said, ”Your attacking me is not a policy that will lead us.”  

Romney sat and listened to a man who’s failed presidency could not be defended so he did what any failing man would do, he was attacking the person instead of the problem. Economy failed - attack Mitt.  Gas prices doubled - attack Mitt.  Foreign policy failure - attack Mitt.  Unemployment at record highs - attack Mitt.  American’s murdered on 911 - attack Mitt.  Do you see a pattern?  I do.  It is like a divorced husband that can accept his part in his failed marriage so he attacks his wife, sometimes physically.  Attacking others instead of accepting responsibility for your own failures is a problem for many people.  It is hard to look at yourself and say, “ I was wrong on this issue and I could have done a better job and I only have myself to blame.  No, the more likely response for many is, it is not my fault, he or she caused this problem and I will continue to blame someone instead of seeing my part in this mistake.  

Many feel I have been harsh on Obama, so let me say what I agree with about Obama.  First, I like that he was our first black president and that he presented himself and his family as solid Americans and not as a “Rev Wright” hater of “The Man!”   Second, I like parts of his health care plan.  I like that children can stay on parents insurance plan longer yet, if the economy was better these very same young adults would have gotten a career job and been able to get their own insurance. Third, I like that his wife spoke openly about the over weight issues of today’s children.  With that said, I did not like his inability to accept his part in our failed economy.  I did not like his disrespecting of our best allies. We are spending billions to make friend in the middle each and disrespecting the one friend we have had supporting us and our needs in that part of the world.   I did not like his lack of leadership when it came to the Iran and Pakistan issues. I did not like his inability to work both sides of the isle.  I did not like his continued political use of killing Obama as his one shining star but dismissed our Americans being killed as a mere blip on his screen of success.  

He was the right man for this period in our countries history.  He did his best.  It was not enough. He just did not have enough experience which is exactly what most on the right worried about four years ago.  If you were to play both of their closing statements, I believe you could see the difference between each man. One was blaming and trying to explain his failures.  The other was painting a bright future and saying we will all have to make changes to get our America back to the top of the mountain but we can and I want to lead us to that mountain top. 

What now?  Just like I wrote about six months ago, I expect EVERY upcoming report to be positive, the gas prices to go down, and for things to show an amazing turn around in this last month!  It has already begun so don’t be fooled by reports put out by the left.  Four years of failure is a more realistic view than the last desperate 30 days of “amazing” reports!  

Romney was sly, like a fox, as he laid low and let Obama continue to blame away as Romney watched Obama just melt into a pile of poor poor me!  Now it is time to get out the vote!  Please vote early so you can use election day to help others get to the polls.

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Tammy Osier October 24, 2012 at 12:59 AM
Obama was put into office for all the wrong reasons. Once America gets past her 'firsts', then they begin choosing people for their character and experience, not because they are trying to make a point. That will make it harder for democrats to control people through interest groups. Obama has been controlled by pelosi, reid and the like- especially his first two years. You hardly ever saw him. They made all the decisions. He might have had some good ideas going in, but was never allowed to have a thought of his own. Might explain why he is uncomfortable when he is challenged. I don't think those are his convictions, but his handlers. That's why he's always needed a teleprompter. Cynthia, when Romney gets elected, busineses will suddenly let go and hire! There's still the taxes coming due in Jan. and the incredible deficit, so we may not see what we want right away or eve for a while. But at least we'll know that someone competent is at the helm. Not to mention that Romney will surround himslef by good people. That's moe exciting than anything. Even the bad news bears would be an improvement over pelosi, reid and biden. lol
Cynthia Montgomery October 24, 2012 at 03:29 AM
I too believe that it will take time to overturn the mistakes of Obama's years in office. But I believe that unlike Obama, Romney will not be blaming but figuring out how to get us out of this mess. Not wanting to make any man the whole of the issue, you are correct that his party is to blame as well! We have two weeks to go, take this time to get the vote out! Talk about voting to young voters and to old people that are registered but have not voted in years. We need every vote, in every state. If you have family in swing states, talk to them about voting. Let's make this happen for our country.


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