Candidate's Airport Opinions Raise Questions About Their Ethics

Briscoe Field has politics heating up as each candidate debates for your vote. If you did not attend the last debate read the glove sparring events that took place!

The Flying Machine was the site of local politics at its best as three candidates told the politically active attendees how to cast their votes. Each commented on why he is the best person to lead Gwinnett into the “AIRPORT ERA.”  Dacula political newcomer and business leader Mike Korom, former Snellville Mayor Jerry Oberholtzer and incumbent Mike Beaudreau addressed the sizable, informed crowd. 

But, before the main event, Rep. Rob Woodall was there giving his town hall meeting pitch. It was the first time I had heard him speak. I clearly understand the saying ”Politicians are all full of hot air” after just 40 minutes of listening to his comments that could have been taken from any dinner party’s conservation of educated voters. I was stunned by his comment, ”Even if we have to deal with another four years of Obama, we can handle it!”  His comment was not what a southern Republican wants to hear out of the mouth of her representative. 

However his comment, ”As soon as the citizens realize they can vote themselves benefits, our country, our republic, is over,” was indeed confirmation of my belief that we now at that point in our country's history.  Once 50 percent of our fellow citizens -- who pay no taxes -- gain control, they will only vote for the candidate who will offer them benefits. The republic fails because it can’t prevail with more takers than givers. Thankfully Woodall was not the main event as we were half asleep with his comments. He looks good. He sounds polished to the general public. He means well.  Is that all it takes now days to get elected? 

Setting the scene were the republican trio running for the District 3 county commission seat.  District 3 is made up of Auburn, Dacula, Lilburn, Lawrenceville, Grayson, Snellville and Stone Mountain as well as other parts of Gwinnett County.  The upcoming election has heated up due in part to the airport issue confronting voters. 

There are three candidates now battling for the seat. First is Mike Korom, an experienced community leader with years of business success on his resume.  He comes into the arena the same way Beaudreau did, as a HOA leader concerned with changes that will affect his community. After investigating and studying the airport issue Korom states he is against the current airport plan. 

Secondly is the former mayor of Snellville, Jerry Oberholtzer, an experienced political leader who has a joking nature as well as his mayoral years that gives him plenty of creditability for the job of commissioner. He has directed Snellville's growth and been reelected by his voters.  Mayor Jerry has stood both for and then against the airport in the public arena.  

Finally, is Commissioner Mike Beaudreau, our reelected commissioner who runs on his conservative record. He has held firm to his expansion of the airport commitment even though the airport expansion is not a popular stand with many in his district.  So we have one for the expansion, one against expansion, and one flip-flopping.  

Years ago when first meeting ”Baby Mikey,” I was not impressed with his personality, appearance, or his command of the issues.  Yet after Thursday night, I can see why many support Beaudreau.  He has evolved into a solid politician over his past eight years.  He is polished. He is striking in his dark suit, red shirt, and perfect tie.  He answers each question with insight and force.  He may not be your candidate but you can’t deny that he looks like a politician, talks like a politician, and handles himself like a politician. Even in the very “Beaudreau hostile room" he held up his conservative voting record as reason to put him back in office.  He continued to attempt to remove his “arrogant title” with calm and complete answers while many in the place spoke out of turn against him.  This man has been in the cooker before and has no regrets and makes no bones about his past decisions.  Gotta like a man who sticks to his word even if the public is not seeing it his way. 

So there we have it, one for the expansion, one against the expansion and one flip-flopping depending on his audience.  Ah, the smell of politics was as thick as Joy’s white gravy smothering the delicious country fried chicken.  Each candidate professionally answered the polite questions with barely a rise in their gentlemen voices.  Both Oberholtzer and Beaudreau were scoring points over the political newcomer Korom, as their years of political experience, in front of the public, was evident.  This was until Korom unleashed his savvy political ability.  Of course you don’t get to the top of the chart, as Korom's resume attested to, without knowing your competitor's shortcomings and capitalizing on them.  

Enter Korom. Korom, having done his homework, stood up and addressed Mayor Oberholtzer. Reading from an AJC news article in which Mayor Oberholtzer stated that the potential privatization and commercialization of Briscoe Field was a good step for Gwinnett’s future, Korom sent the mayor searching for the correct response to his flip-flopping on the airport issue.  Oberholtzer had just minutes earlier told the audience that the airport was a NO for him!  Chalk one up for the political newcomer!

As he tried to recover from the savvy newcomer’s political hit, Commissioner Mike Beaudreau began swinging at the bobbing Mayor about his rezoning record.  Beaudreau brought up many instances that he felt were questionable.  Mayor Oberholtzer then began to swing back at Commissioner Beaudreau for his less than truthful actions he felt needed to be raised for the voting public.  The gloves were off!  Today in our controlled, contrite, politically correct debates the candidates rarely stray from their talking points.  The voting public is tired of politics as usual.  We were now seeing each candidate fighting for his name and for your vote. 

With the election still months away, it is important that the voters get to know each candidate.  This is real life drama, not people eating slugs on a tropical island. This is real life that will affect Gwinnett’s future, not a bachelor who is awestruck by a skinny dipping doofus that will have no effect on your future. This is real politics, with real people, wanting your real vote. They will be debating again in June at the Stars and Strikes on Dacula.  Come out for dinner.  Listen to their visions of our Gwinnett. Decide whom will get your vote.  My vote is still up for grabs.  I see good in each candidate at this time.  Beaudreau is holding the seat. Oberholtzer is  experienced.  Korom is ready.  Make 2012 the year you become a good citizen instead of a TV Laz!   

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Floyd Akridge March 08, 2012 at 08:13 PM
Hi Michelle! Hope things are going well for you. You are correct...his is in favor of the study. A Commissioner who wants to be as best informed as he can before a decision is made. Some here (Greg) equate that to the Commissioner forcing the airport on them. You are also correct...there is an enormous difference between a public servant and a politician. Mike Beaudreau definitely is the former.
Stirling Cargill March 08, 2012 at 08:49 PM
Floyd- I agree that Cynthia can post whatever she wants. I also feel that misstatements and misleading information should be corrected. She is obviously trying to promote Mr. Korom (nothing wrong with that) but she is trying to make it look like she's being impartial (something definitely wrong with that). I'll take a wildass guess here that Cynthia had some dealings with the county commission and Mr. Beaudreau had an opinion that didn't suit her.
GregRodgers March 08, 2012 at 09:02 PM
Floyd....yep. As I suspected....you sound just like a politician. Disregard what a consituent says deflect and blame... You are representing your good pal. It shows. As for "forcing a commercial airport" I stand by that. I never said he voted for it or that it passed. It reads exactly the way I meant it. Forcing....as in he is most certainly forcing the issue. It is what it is.....like I said....you ( and your good pal) think we are stupid. This is not about twisting words. Forcing an issue that has been debunked just for the sake... is the real baloney Mr. Akridge. I am not going to bore by going over the data about the airport...that we've also paid for..... As for unethical...Mr. Beaudreau said he wanted to make sure things were ethical while he was on the board. You mean its not a stretch that while he was there he had no idea what was going on? I mean even the land deal for the Judges nephew? He signed off on it with the others. If he had the guts he would have blown it up then...but in the words of another Republican running...."hey..politics is a team sport...sometimes you have to go with the team." Like I said....you guys must think we are stupid. Sure Sure....Mike did everything he said he would do....I must have read something else...back to sheep pasture I go.....
R++ One of the Famous Dacula Crew March 08, 2012 at 10:13 PM
We still haven’t had a conservative come out and plainly state for the record that; The trash plan, tax burdens resulting from a stadium and airport are conservative principles.
R++ One of the Famous Dacula Crew March 08, 2012 at 10:17 PM
Government controlled cell towers are an interesting example, making county land available for cell towers as a second ALTERNATIVE isn’t on the face always bad concept. Where the presence of towers was hardily fought by the populace, the option may have saved time. BUT when a cell-tower request brought forth by a private party is tabled over 20 times, finally denied and THEN granted to the county itself just yards away under conditions the government solely creates for its OWN benefit, the government stops representing its residents and BEGINS to COMPETE with them unfairly. End result more litigation. Now is THAT a conservative principle in action? These items aren’t red herrings or “spaghetti on a wall” but MAJOR quality of live issues that impact for a decade or longer, plainly indicating the thought pattern that government MUST grow.
R++ One of the Famous Dacula Crew March 08, 2012 at 10:52 PM
Now let’s hit the trash plan one more time since the Board of Commissioners directly failed in their public promise of competitive bidding. This settlement locked the unincorporated residents of Gwinnett into a 10 year package that cost roughly 20 percent MORE than required for the actual services purchased. CITIES contained within Gwinnett are NOT locked in to this so if they annex property, the remaining unincorporated county residents apparently get stuck with covering any lost revenue to the trash haulers. NOW if a NEW city gets created, their property owners are now FREED from the county agreement as was the case with Peachtree Corners. Trash service independence was one of 3 core areas that the city charter specifically lists and voters approved the city creation on. So now that this city exists, seems some rumblings from our county leadership turned up during the city of Peachtree Corners election process to have them “remain in the fold” regarding trash service or it might create “ill will” with the county and possibly impact future cost delivery of services negotiations. Having just settled the SDS issue with cities to the tune of millions of dollars over years, is this a display of conservative principles? Is locking a population into an arrangement which exceeds the elected terms office holders, one that can be legally redefined by a select few as time goes on, driving up cost on the remaining unincorporated population a conservative principle?
M.K. OSBORNE March 08, 2012 at 11:03 PM
More citys annexations could be the correction to a out of control County Government .
M.K. OSBORNE March 08, 2012 at 11:03 PM
And new Cities .
M.K. OSBORNE March 08, 2012 at 11:12 PM
Oh , by the way thats not an easy thing for me to say , but it rings true coming from a life long unincorporated Gwinnett County resident.
Ed Varn March 09, 2012 at 01:25 AM
I was at a friend's house in Snellville during the last election when Komissar Beaudreau came through doing some door-to-door campaigning. My friend asked him about the trash plan. Der Komissar responded, "The trash plan is a done deal. You and others need to get over it." So all his meetings where constituents were vociferously opposed meant nothing. He was going to have the plan come hell or high water. I've said it once, and I'll say it again: He's a bald-faced, big-spending, big government liberal who runs as a Republican only because that's an advantage in this county. I would vote for a Waring blender before I would vote for him. So Mr. Korom looks better to me every single day.
Cynthia Montgomery March 09, 2012 at 03:49 AM
Mr Stirling, Hello it is Cynthia! I am pleased that you have read so much into my blog. I never met Mike Korom until the night of the debate. I attended the debate instead of the Dacula council vote as Kristi said she was going to record that meeting, I had written on the PATCH to Korom after reading his postings. I had never met the Mayor until the debate also. Both men held my attention for different reasons. I then blogged about it two days later. I am a good citizen, I attend council meetings. I organize voter registrations, I host debates. I take people to vote. SO I guess I am not sounding like an average citizen. I did not know who I was going to vote for until I walked into the polling place (please read EDUCATE ME ABOUT WHO TO VOTE FOR ON TUESDAY). I will continue to attend & arrange debates as a way to get my fellow Gwinnettians interested in politics. I have a DAWG in this fight & am not shy about talking politics. I am honest in saying I have not been as interested in the Airport issue as I have followed the trash issue. I have rental property & now I am being charged a year in advance 4 times for trash pickup. There are times that my rentals are empty & I STILL HAVE TO PAY FOR AN EMPTY TRASH CAN! Sorry to say, but I am not a plant but I think MR F is for Beaudreua! You can see I have been posting for the PATCH in many counties, well before Korom came on down. Thanks for your comments. I hope you will continue to follow my musings. C U at the debate!
Floyd Akridge March 09, 2012 at 05:54 AM
Greg...just as I suspected...when your 3rd rate political hack job was challenged by me you go into full dodge, spin and parry mode. Commissioner Beaudreau wants to be as informed as possible before making a decision. Not how but WHY you feel the need to try, unsuccessfully, to twist this into something negative is beyond me. btw...exactly how is Commissioner Beaudreau "FORCING a commercial airport" (your words...don't crawfish)? Sorry Greg...you're caught. Greg...you have also failed, dramatically, in your thinly veiled attempt to convince the readers here that Commissioner Beaudreau has conducted himself unethically. You make such accusations while not providing anything that passes the sniff test and expect the readers here to just swallow it. Again...sorry...you're caught. It appears that YOU are the one that believes people are stupid. Newsflash...they aren't.
Floyd Akridge March 09, 2012 at 06:10 AM
Sorry Cynthia...I'm not a plant. Starting in December of 2003, after a long time of researching all of the candidates, I made a personal commitment to work in Mike's campaign. During that campaign, as would be reasonable to expect, I learned a lot about Mike in a wide range of areas. I wanted nothing in return because he was already going to give me what I wanted...an ethical conservative who would be a public servant. In 2008, I enjoyed the experience of being able to support him for re-election. He did what he said he would do and the manner in which he said he would do it. In 2012, I'm enjoying the opportunity to support him yet again. Plant? Nah...I'm a supporter of Commissioner Beadreau for one reason...and really the only one that matters...He earned it.
GregRodgers March 09, 2012 at 02:15 PM
Floyd...I do not have to convince the readers of Mr. Beaudreau's involvement in unethical politics. He was there when it happened. We've all read the stories. He may have not pulled the trigger on the deals himself, but to have been in the room when the deals where being cut....does not allow him to wash his hands of anything. That goes for Lassetter as well. Again....I live in the district. I am a taxpayer. I am not a Beaudreau supporter, so it does not matter to you, however, you are helping your friend ALOT with your arrogance on this blog. It's wonderful to expose you and your Pal as being the high an mighty that we know Mr. Beaudreau's close knit clan to be. Your winning alot of points Mr. Akridge. Keep up the good work. When I see videos on this site of your pal's arrogance and disdain for the people he governs...no he makes it very clear...he thinks that people are stupid and below himself. Sorry...newsflash...thats a fact!
Floyd Akridge March 09, 2012 at 03:10 PM
"I do not have to convince the readers of Mr. Beaudreau's involvement in unethical politics". You couldn't have said it any better. You look like a low rent political hack and the cool thing is you're doing all the work. You offer nothing but wild speculation and everyone here knows it. Tip...next time...try Truth. It works very well. I notice that you said nothing in response to my exposing your sham regarding Commissioner Beaudreau "FORCING a commercial airport on me (you)". Good tactic. Can't blame you on that one. I also get a hoot out of the close knit clan and arrogance labels. Just like the rest of your posts...they don't work because they contain no truth. Who **IS** being arrogant is GregRodgers. You want to accuse Commissioner Beaudreau of unethical behavior without any (read zero point zero) evidence...claim he's FORCED the commercialization of Briscoe on you without explaining how a Commissioner, save a vote, can force something on you and then crawfish on it. You basically believe that you can say anything at anytime for any reason and people here are just going to swallow it like truth. THAT is absolute arrogance.
Cynthia Montgomery March 09, 2012 at 04:10 PM
MR F, at times (like above) you speak like a true follower. At other times your words give reason for others voters to discard your man. Politics can make strange bedfellows and our passion can sometimes get the better of our fingers. Your man held his own at the debate in a very hostile room. But it was also apparent he has angered many voters in his district. WIth out a radical change in his opinions and actions, I can see another candidate getting the votes that in the past went to your man. Many are wanting to change to another camp, such is politics! He looks like a candidate, he speaks like a candidate, and apparently he has, in the minds of his past voters he has behaved like a bad candidate in this airport issue. It is sad to see one so young, who went into politics for all the right reasons, be swept out the door like everyone else that was on that board. It is said in the journalism and political realms that "Voters Have Short Memories" meaning that once an issue is off the front page they forget it. Your man's problem is that the action was so hated that the voters have the trash and airport issue seared into their minds and will not forget it. Hope your words on upcoming blogs do not dwindle down to personal attacks. Great minds talk about ideas. Good minds talk about things. Weak minds talk about people. What about the airport changing do you like most? Let's stay on ideas. Thanks for your comments. See you at the Stars & Strikes Debate in June!
Floyd Akridge March 09, 2012 at 06:17 PM
Cynthia...the anger you speak of comes primarily from misinformation (example - GregRogers post that Commissioner Beaudreau was "forcing a commercial airport on me (him)". Regardless of which side someone is on in the Briscoe issue it's clear that this decision, either way, is a long term one with long term implications. I'm all for D3 residents communicating with him regarding what they think about the airport. But what bothers me is when people want him to make a decision with long term implications either way without having every possible piece of information available. He wants to wait for that report. Not only is that ok but people in D3 should be glad that the man wants to make a decision that is an informed one. You are very correct...he did get involved for all the right reasons. I saw that as I decided which candidate I would support. It was reconfirmed multiple times during the campaign. That person is still there. I don't know about you but I have seen several people who were genuine solid character individuals who let themselves get corrupted by either being in the office or by being associated with someone who was in office. That hasn't happened with Commissioner Beaudreau. Wouldn't support him for re-election if it had. Looking forward to June.
R++ One of the Famous Dacula Crew March 09, 2012 at 07:21 PM
Floyd - I must agree with you in that you are not a plant, inasmuch as I have many hours experience on a tractor with a brush cutter in tow. However, when I deal with the likes of your positions at times, I’ve found the use of the tractor’s front end loader bucket to be very effective and I thank the good LORD for 4 wheel drive… (smiles) With a movement of levity out of the way, now back to serious discussion of the topics at hand.
R++ One of the Famous Dacula Crew March 09, 2012 at 07:25 PM
The reality of zoning policy approaches, it was common for commissioners to grant one request to table a zoning application for either side, when it was formally asked for and the public has seen occasions where even more extensions have routinely occurred. (See meeting date 12/14/2010 time index 23:26 and following) However, in the last few months when Kevin Kenerly was fighting to keep his seat but didn’t actually sit in on the evening zoning meetings, Mr. Beaudreau acted as his “designated representative” with regard to 2010-0245 - RZC2010-00007. Time index: 00:17:35 - 00:22:37 of the BOC Public Hearing July 27, 2010. Meeting web link access: http://www.gwinnettcounty.com/portal/gwinnett/Departments/BoardofCommissioners/CommissionMeetingVideos The public at large didn’t know about this “designated arrangement” before hand as a party with a zoning application pleaded for the matter to be tabled, because they couldn’t reach their commissioner Mr. Kenerly. When then Chairman Banister appeared willing to grant the applicant’s request for a one time table, Mr. Beaudreau stepped in, denied the request even though NONE had occurred previously on this application’s history. Mr. Beaudreau then proceeded to deny said application against the repeated requests by the applicant to be heard. That black period was indeed uncharted times for our county, but was this ruling an example of a seasoned, balanced conservative approach?
Stirling Cargill March 09, 2012 at 10:25 PM
It looks like you went from being undecided to decided really fast and that means you are voting for Mr. Korom. The trash thing is a problem but I don't think Mr. Beaudreau was the only commissioner who voted for it. I don't think you can blame him for the whole mess. yes I know he was kind of the leader but one think I know about politics is that there is always four sides to a story. I don't think Mr. Ackridge is a plant for Mr. Beadreau because he comes right out and says he's for him.
Cynthia Montgomery March 10, 2012 at 11:35 AM
In politics voters get to make up their minds as to whom they will vote for depending on their "take" of each candidate. FIrst, I do not believe in career politicians. For that very reason, I am leaning away from MB. I find that when in office too long, their ability to read their voters begins to suffer. It is a long way until July & I hear another candidate might be entering the race. I would like to hear MB's take on that report. I want to give the Mayor a second look as I have heard good things about him. Kormon did a good job as a political newcomer. As for labeling his a political newcomer, I have worked on campaigns & I would never tell a candidate to call himself an "outsider." This term has negative emotions tied to it. My decision will affect me for 4 years during the AIRPORT ERA, so I gather information. The good people of Gwinnett want to go in another direction &wipe clean the trash & airport stain. People tend not to change their minds, Bad days happen but if it becomes bad years, it is time to change leadership. It is the undecided that you should be focused on not the decided. To continue to try to change the minds of the decided is a waste of your time. R, Ed, & Stirling, have decided! You should be targeting the undecided. History shows that up to 20% are undecided in any race. I now believe it has to go with age! WIthout changing MB's path, I do not see him recovering. His only hope it that it rains & his detractors stay home! NO CONSEQUENCE NO CHANGE!
R++ One of the Famous Dacula Crew March 11, 2012 at 04:45 AM
Cynthia, I agree with your statement that we will cast a vote for "someone" to move us forward in the AIRPORT Era. That's why candidates have to be more than a one or 2 issue "type" because there are so many things to be confronted. I have seen a new guy throw his hat in a very big ring and have already observed growth and a willingness to get council from as broad a range of prospective providers as possible and have yet to hear "Get over it" once. I've observed fairly even handed exchanges when attempts were made to redirect other blogs right here on the Patch. I sincerely hope the growth continues and accelerates before the next public gathering. If any candidate tries to stay on just a couple topics for the night, pulling a Rudy Giuliani, the campaign will share Rudy's presidential campaign fate. Frankly, I don't remember any challenge in 2008 to Mike B and maybe for that we owe Mike B a backhanded apology. Why? because he "grew up" under the wings of Charles Bannister, a wound in retrospect indirectly inflicted by the entire county vote and enough people didn't scream loud enough in 2006. Its not an excuse or a pass,but a plausible explanation as to how we got where we are now. As to where we are headed in the future, my vote isn't a "locked" with tone, but I am looking for our collective GPS to start screaming RECALCULATING!!! before we encounter anymore Mayhem.
R++ One of the Famous Dacula Crew March 11, 2012 at 04:50 AM
The content below is a duplicate from another post on the Patch but seemed applicable here too. The grand jury report should be a required read for EVERY citizen before they vote this time around because it dealt with a lot more than just those unfortunate matters linked to indictment or threat thereof. It dealt with internal county government communications, the tendencies of not obtaining input of staff, confused lines of communication to list just a few. ANYONE who witnessed the infamous evening BOC Public Hearing August 23 2011 where staff was charged with borderline insubordination over the airport RFP processing should first review the report below, then see the meeting video. All are encouraged to read all Grand Jury pages in entirety, but if your eyes will gloss over, at least see the page list following; 5, 12,28,29,30,36,37,48,49,51,52,53. http://www.talkgwinnett.net/stuff/files/101026_grand-jury-present.pdf View the BOC Public Hearing August 23 2011. 2011-0761 Time index: 01:07:57 - 02:02:00 website link: http://www.gwinnettcounty.com/portal/gwinnett/Departments/BoardofCommissioners/CommissionMeetingVideos PS: If anyone has access to any other filed Addendums please feel free to post. http://www.bobgriggs.com/commissioner-nasutis-addendum-to-the-gj-report/
R++ One of the Famous Dacula Crew March 11, 2012 at 04:56 AM
quality of live mental edit requested should read quality of life...
R++ One of the Famous Dacula Crew March 11, 2012 at 05:07 AM
One may not have a voting record, but should be able to lay out some type of clear logic flow or main guiding principles set that will be used. There are 2 things to take away from each action - the specific matter at hand in the now and HOW one got to their decision, because this "process" is directly transferable to other matters.
Cynthia Montgomery March 11, 2012 at 05:59 AM
R. I did try to get that to play & could not. I admit I have not been on top of the airport issue (attending meetings, reading reports, background search as to whom it will profit if it goes through) but have heard NOTHING but complaints from everyone I speak to about it. Brisco Field is not that big now 7 it is land locked by a city & major highways. I guess across the train tracks, over Hwy 8, & into King's Hill is the plan. Poor Plan if you ask me.There is CHEAP LAND UP I-85. GO north young man! If "they" want an airport, go buy some cheap land in the wide open land up I-85 & build an airport! It is too late to put one on this side of town! I heard all about 8-23-11 & I think that was supposed to happen so this could happen, THE SLEEPING GIANT HAS BEEN AWAKENED! It doesn't take a lawyer to be a city councilman. It takes someone willing to put in the time necessary to study issues. It takes listening to your voters. It takes salesmanship to make things happen. It takes devotion to your commitment to listen & lead. When you stop listening - you stop leading! MB may look the part & speak the part but, I am not sold that he can lead without the support of the voters. The issue of 8-23-11has MB in a place where he has lost credit with his pubic. We need a clean break & a new leader is what I keep hearing. I would like to see what the next debate brings before I commit. Until then the words, "Sometimes you gotta bow up and take one for the team," seems to fit well here.
David Day March 16, 2012 at 02:27 PM
I'm glad that I do not rely on the Patch for any sort of actual news. I will make no comment on the actual news involved in this story. However, I will take issue with such a poorly written account of a local political meeting. This article contains many typos and is almost incomprehensible. A reader would have no clue what actually happened by reading this article. They would however get a very good sense of poor writing that has a heavy dose of the writer's own personal opinion and political leanings. The Patch needs to send the writer to take a few journalism classes and help her realize that not everyone in Gwinnett is interested in her opinion or is a Republican southern woman. Some of us actually want to understand what happened at the meeting and what the issues are.
Kristi Reed (Editor) March 16, 2012 at 02:40 PM
Hi David - This section of the site is called "Local Voices." It is a section where Dacula residents can post blogs about issues of interest to them. These bloggers are not employed by Patch and do not represent Patch. Patch does however provide the platform for local residents to share their opinions and interact with other readers. This piece is not meant to be a news account and is labeled as opinion. I appreciate the fact that Cynthia has a strong interest in politics and took the time to share her views. I encourage you to ask her any questions you may have and enjoy the exchange with other Patch readers.
Louise Holcombe March 18, 2012 at 02:47 AM
Mr. Akridge, Have you ever had to think about whether your home was going to be snatched out from under you by a crooked politician? I'm sure you haven't! We have and it's pathetic how cruel some people can be to those who would have to sacrifice their homes for the convenience of Mike Beaudreau and his airport expansion cronies!
Cynthia Montgomery March 18, 2012 at 01:42 PM
Mr DD, Come now, shame on you. You must be new to the BLOG era. We all give each other that occasional miss SPPELLEDD word in favor of our quick ability to speak our minds. The PATCH allows the pulse of the community to be shared in real time. Yet, there always seems to be that, holier than thou, I B smart, U B Stupid, mean spirited blogger that comes along feeling the need to BLAST the people that have a spine to comment. We recognized YOU right away. Don't like the opinions, can't give a valid rebuttal, just criticize the writers. We are adults & we all have our own opinions. We all recognize the rights of the other's opinion."WE PLAY NICE" as the ladies of Hamilton Mill say about FB. Don't SAHRE my opinion, no problem, give your own. If this is not a venue that appeals to your nice side, go back to reading the nearly dead Sunday paper! It must just kill you to know that for over a week citizens have commented & brought up topics about the debate that YOU DID NOT EVEN ATTEND! I was there. I wrote what I saw & heard. If you don't vote, you have no right to gripe. Ditto on the Debate! Angry White Men! How dare a woman give her opinion! I enjoyed every spring morning that I ran to the J building on the beautiful UGA campus & earned Dean's List honors & my ABJ. Guess what? The sign of a good writer is that others feel compelled to take time & write back. YOU COMMENTED! At UGA we learned; 1 response = 100 readers. Comments Mr BB or just more gripes? IS your man the Mayor?


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