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Don't Be Sucked in by Obama and Hanks Infomercial

Tom Hanks continues to support broken presidents with his mega money.

Tom Hanks used to make money off me every time he released another one of his blockbuster movies. How can you not be affected by one of his movies? Just this week we again were encouraged by "Forrest Gump." His other memorable movies such as "Saving Private Ryan," "The Da Vinci Code" and of course "The Green Mile" always make coffee afterwards lively, as we discuss the inner meaning of his work.

Yet, I have decided I will no longer supply Tom Hanks with one more penny of my labored hour's income. Not because of his subject matter or that his movies have become lackluster, no, I choose not to supply Mr. Hanks with income because of his political choices.  

I made my mind up after I learned that Hanks was one of the top contributors to the Clinton Legal Fund during the Lewinsky sex scandal. Hanks supported Clinton in his attempt to slander Monica. His egotistical lies to the American people were being supported by Hanks. His inability to control his sexual sicknesses and later, the costly monkey show, was funded by none other than Tom Hanks. Hank’s money came from my support of his film work. Hanks will never get another dime from me. I have not paid to see another one of his movies in the theater. I have never bought another one of his movies at the store and I will not buy a sound track from any of his movies. It is a small stand but a stand, none the less.

Why? My children learned the words “Oral Sex” during a Friday Night Family Hour when the news station broke in to our weekly popcorn and TV viewing time with the latest, "Have to Know" report about our president's sexual sickness. You have to question why a person would give money to a man at this level to help him continue his lies and sickness. Tough Friendship? Tough Love would have been a better choice in my view.

Sure, give money to pay for his mental treatment but not to pay for his legal defense in what was and still is a sinful stain on America, our White House, and our children's first view of leadership. Once again, Hanks is back at it supporting a president who is trying to rewrite his presidency with a 17-minute infomercial.  

“Obama's team is calling it a documentary. I don't think so. It's an infomercial," Romney told a crowd in Jackson, Mississippi, according to a CNN report. "I have some suggestions for the president and for the (film's) producer. ... Talk to the 24 million Americans who are out of work or underemployed in this country,” was the Republican leader’s comments about the infomercial. It is hoped that it will gather up a ground swell that Obama had during his first run for presidency. Hanks voice can be heard persuasively making a case for the president to be reelected. We are asked to believe that these three years should not count against him because it has been a tough go for him! Maybe Obama should channel Lincoln or Washington! We are asked to look at the little good he did as a reason to continue with this troubled president and not to judge him on his present day reality. It is sad that he used the dynamic training and personal sacrifice of Seal Team 6 as the shinning moment of his failed presidency.

So I ask you, what type of mind does it take to once again support a failing and flawed man that has devastated our country? I have not spoken to anyone that has not said to me that they have not been personally touched by Obama's lack of leadership skills. Everyone I know has lost value in their homes, retirement funds or knows someone out of a job. Even more worrisome is when I hear about the emotional toll it is taking on marriages and families.    

Change? I believe this man did come to office with a set of plans to change our country. I believe he has succeeded in changing our country. I believe he is not finished in his plan for our country to become the greatest socialist country on the face of the earth. This is CHANGE we can do without!

The infomercial is directed by an awarding winning director. The music and scenes are indeed powerful. Many weak minds will be taken in by the persuasive production as we tend to be with movies but most will see right through this attempt to color coat the reality of what we are living in, HIS PRESIDENCY. I will give you that the left over from Bush waded into his first year but how long will you allow a football coach to continue to ruin your program with a selfish cry of, “I am still working with the problems of the past coach!”  Each following year a new coach is able to put forth HIS efforts and his ideas and his team and so to with this president.  

Obama’s only hope of being re-elected is to have the country blindly believe that our present day situation is okay, not good, not great, not even better just okay. Reports of any gain is enough for Obama supporters to cheer that we are on the mend. Only weak people can not change their position. Many voters will again vote for Obama, for not to do so will be admitting they have made a mistake and few are emotionally mature enough to admit a mistake.

Millions without jobs. Millions more have stopped searching and are left in ruin.  Millions have lost their homes. Millions more homes are being held off from being dumped onto the market in an attempt to keep the dreadful numbers from crashing the economy even further into hell. Every American has lost their most valuable asset, the equity in their homes. Yet, until you try to sell your home you are not aware of just how much the Obama presidency has damaged you and your future.  

Some will say we are on the mend because the stock market is growing but it only takes an economics student to show you that businesses are doing better because they have FIRED their employees which lowers their cost which raised their stock values! No jobs, loss of home values, loss of homes, families divorcing under the strain. Nest eggs gone. No money for college. Food prices ranging higher and higher. Gas prices at a HISTORICAL high. “GIVE THEM AN INFOMERCIAL!” they conspire.    

So back to Hanks. When his movies happen to come on the television, I enjoy them.  Yet, now I just ask myself, "How can one so talented as Tom Hanks be so  S T U P I D!"  Why is it that those in Hollywood making an enormous amount of money feel the need to help those harming others? I believe it is because they can garner ego boasting photos of themselves standing next to a presidents and love to regal partygoers with tales of their stays in the Lincoln Bedroom. Would not his time and money be better spent helping those that Obama has hurt?  

So when you see the infomercial, remember to not be swayed by the production quality, powerful words, and intense music. It is only an attempt to have you forget our real problems and to rewrite history. If you feel yourself getting sucked in by the award winning talent’s work simply get in your car, drive out your neighborhood, pass the many foreclosed and short selling homes, head up to the corner service station, and take a look at reality! Gas price will remind you of why they needed the infomercial to romantically transport their past voters back into their glory days again. Times Up!  EDUCATE YOURSELF AND VOTE!

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Cynthia Montgomery March 30, 2012 at 03:49 PM
Mr R. I see from your comments that you also believe in, "Better Living Through Chemistry!! as the medical professionals in my family tout! Your comments are always so mean spirited and off topic. You remind me of a sad little girl I once knew. She never had a leg to stand on so she stood on pure hateful meanness. May I kindly suggest you quickly take your own advice and come back with at least a prepared thought on the topic. Good Luck with that and I wish you a nice day free of stress and anger. It is spring break so I am sure your life is already looking up!
rhelm March 30, 2012 at 03:54 PM
So I guess we're not going to take that walk around the block? me sad......and you're still a nutty loon.
Grant March 30, 2012 at 04:09 PM
Cynthia , I take no issue with your opinions, nutty as some of them seem to be. You can spout unfounded nonsense as you like under the guise of opinion and most people will realize you're little more that loud and uninformed and either chuckle softly or point and laugh . I do take issue when you puke stupid and call it fact. It's pointless to rail against issues when you dont have an understanding of the facts. For years the left had the whole "Blame Bush for everything" mantra going and we called them out on it . Surely if we believe ourselves to be wiser we can be smart enough to deal in reality as opposed to shrieking and pointing fingers at Obama or some other spectral "wrongdoer" ... there are plenty of real issue to deal with , invented outrage on non issues is pointless and takes one's eye off the ball . I dont expect you to do my homework , but if you intend to appear informed and intelligent it's imperative that you do YOURS!
Cynthia Montgomery March 30, 2012 at 04:32 PM
R. Enjoyed the walk, sat and chatted with one neighbor, gave an opinion on another's question about what color to paint her kitchen, waved at those neighbors passing by, got invited to a party, spoke to the teens, played with the dogs and walked back home! WOW I really do live a great life and that just really gets under the skin of so many. Men for so long have had all the control and now it has just made most of then AWM. Angry White Men! There it is, the older they get the madder they get! If you don't believe me just reread the above two post. I am so glad I am not married to either of those "gentlemen" but, I worry about their brow beaten other halves, I am sure their better halves. Guys, the topic was Hanks and Obama and there were links to prove my thoughts! Sorry you missed them as AWM will do. You just dwindle a conservation down to name calling. Unless you can bring something other than male bullying and name calling to this stream then go spit in the mirror. I know that guy WILL try to spit back! Have a nice day, my neighbor just ran the bell, what? lunch on the patio.....mmmmm..YES sounds wonderful!! TA TA AWM!
Grant March 30, 2012 at 05:03 PM
Cynthia wrote "Grant, AT UGA, in Public Relations 578, we were taught this simple rule if your client was wrong, didn't have a leg to stand on or had done something unpopular, CHANGE THE SUBJECT!!" Apparently you did learn something ...


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