Which of These Government Programs Could You Live Without?

$52 Million dollars for the Energy Star sticker, really? Want to see where your tax dollars are being wasted?

Last night the Republican Party took to the TV and called out to the citizens of America to take back their country. Some might say, "Take our country back from what?"  Take it back from the elected officials that are over spending, foolishly spending, ''like me" spending, and "we can no longer afford this" spending.  If you did not watch it, shame on you!  If you did not watch it, what was more important?  If you did not watch it, why not?  Our country is in real trouble.  Our country is failing.  Our country is no longer the light to the world.

We have a big job ahead of us and it will demand hard choices by strong leaders that are in it for the future and not for their popularity ratings. Everyone will have to give up some, so all can achieve more.  Our current leaders are spending us into the poor house just so they can stay in the congress and the White House.  

Now is the time for all Americans to realize yesterday was the time to cut spending and reduce the size of this government. Our constitution lays out what our government's responsibility is to it's citizens. Below you will see just how bloated our government has become.  According to our Constitution, the government main responsible is to raise a military during times of war.  There are other responsibilities but look below are what we have become.  

With over $5 trillion in debt, where do you want to cut the budget?  When you look at your paycheck how much of it is going to foolish government programs. Do you even know what those programs are?  Look below and ask yourself, "Is this worth my hard earned dollar?" The left uses scare tactics and will cast doubt and fear into the minds of voters. Notice the Social Security and the military are not on this list.  I think even the old and military will take a cut to make our country great again.

Below are the programs that the new Republican house has proposed cutting. While you read these listed programs ask yourself if this a need or a desire.  We are now living in need.  It is time to put away our desires until we get our needs under control.  Some of these pork barrel programs were put in place to keep an elected official in his cushy office. With gas prices at $3.69 a gallon and with millions still unemployed, can we finally take a hard look at our spending?  Check out the below and ask yourself, can we do without this till we get our budget balanced?  If the answer is YES then it is time to vote for Change and I don't mean the charge that the last guy has given us!

*Corporation for Public Broadcasting Subsidy -- $445 million annual savings. 
* Save America's Treasures Program -- $25 million annual savings. 
* International Fund for Ireland -- $17 million annual savings. 
* Legal Services Corporation -- $420 million annual savings. 
* National Endowment for the Arts -- $167.5 million annual savings. 
* National Endowment for the Humanities -- $167.5 million annual savings. 
* Hope VI Program -- $250 million annual savings. 
* Amtrak Subsidies -- $1.565 billion annual savings. 
* Eliminate duplicating education programs -- H.R. 2274 (in last Congress), authored by Rep. McKeon, eliminates 68 at a savings of $1.3 billion annually. 
* U.S. Trade Development Agency -- $55 million annual savings. 
* Woodrow Wilson Center Subsidy -- $20 million annual savings. 
* Cut in half funding for congressional printing and binding -- $47 million annual savings. 
* John C. Stennis Center Subsidy -- $430,000 annual savings. 
* Community Development Fund -- $4.5 billion annual savings. 
* Heritage Area Grants and Statutory Aid -- $24 million annual savings. 
* Cut Federal Travel Budget in Half -- $7.5 billion annual savings 
* Trim Federal Vehicle Budget by 20% -- $600 million annual savings. 
* Essential Air Service -- $150 million annual savings. 
* Technology Innovation Program -- $70 million annual savings. 
* Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) Program -- $125 million annual savings. 
* Department of Energy Grants to States for Weatherization -- $530 million annual savings. 
* Beach Replenishment -- $95 million annual savings. 
* New Starts Transit -- $2 billion annual savings. 
* Exchange Programs for Alaska Natives, Native Hawaiians, and Their Historical Trading Partners in Massachusetts -- $9 million annual savings 
* Intercity and High Speed Rail Grants -- $2.5 billion annual savings. 
* Title X Family Planning -- $318 million annual savings. 
* Appalachian Regional Commission -- $76 million annual savings. 
* Economic Development Administration -- $293 million annual savings. 
* Programs under the National and Community Services Act -- $1.15 billion annual savings. 
* Applied Research at Department of Energy -- $1.27 billion annual savings. 
* Freedom CAR and Fuel Partnership -- $200 million annual savings. 
* Energy Star Program -- $52 million annual savings. 
* Economic Assistance to Egypt -- $250 million annually. 
* U.S. Agency for International Development -- $1.39 billion annual savings. 
* General Assistance to District of Columbia -- $210 million annual savings. 
* Subsidy for Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority -- $150 million annual savings. 
* Presidential Campaign Fund -- $775 million savings over ten years. 
* No funding for federal office space acquisition -- $864 million annual savings. 
* End prohibitions on competitive sourcing of government services. 
* Repeal the Davis-Bacon Act -- More than $1 billion annually. 
* IRS Direct Deposit: Require the IRS to deposit fees for some services it offers (such as processing payment plans for taxpayers) to the Treasury, instead of allowing it to remain as part of its budget -- $1.8 billion savings over ten years. 
* Require collection of unpaid taxes by federal employees -- $1 billion total savings. (What take it out of their pay each week!)
* Prohibit taxpayer funded union activities by federal employees -- $1.2 billion savings over ten years. 
* Sell excess federal properties the government does not make use of -- $15 billion total savings. 
* Eliminate death gratuity for Members of Congress. ($255)
* Eliminate Mohair Subsidies -- $1 million annual savings. 
* Eliminate taxpayer subsidies to the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change -- $12.5 million annual savings. 
* Eliminate Market Access Program -- $200 million annual savings. 
* USDA Sugar Program -- $14 million annual savings. 
* Subsidy to Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) -- $93 million annual savings. 
* Eliminate the National Organic Certification Cost-Share Program -- $56.2 million annual savings. 
* Eliminate fund for Obamacare administrative costs -- $900 million savings. 
* Ready to Learn TV Program -- $27 million savings..
* HUD Ph.D. Program. 
* Deficit Reduction Check-Off Act. 
TOTAL SAVINGS: $2.5 Trillion over Ten Years 

My question is, what are all these things doing in the budget in the first place?

We can do better.  We must do better.  It is time for each of us to enter into our Iphones and Blackberrys the first Tuesday in November to begin to put a halt on this foolishness!  You know when you buy a washer, dryer, or refrigerator and it has a sticker on it that says "Energy Star," do you think you could buy it without the the sticker?  We could save $52 million each year from now on!!  Winning!!!! 

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R++ One of the Famous Dacula Crew September 20, 2012 at 04:00 AM
No it was just rightly pointed out that the killing of Ben-laden was another Bush policy that was continued...
Racer X September 20, 2012 at 10:36 AM
The best anti-abortion measure available to us right now is good parenting. By raising kids with good moral fiber, excellent self esteem and good old common sense. Abortion is never going to go away legally but it can be greatly curtailed if we raise our kids to be smart (birth control), better disciplined (good values) and less spoiled. If we can do that, then only the children of the far left will be getting aborted which has got to be good, from a Darwinian perspective.
Brian Crawford September 20, 2012 at 11:27 AM
So here's my question Cynthia, as a Christian I too have faith in the promise of eternal life and that our time here is fleeting. I also believe as you that infants are innocents and that God has a special plan for their passing. Does it not follow then that we should not interfere in the eternal lives of those who are spared the trials and tribulations of this world? Why is it better for them to be born into a life of suffering and abuse as unloved and unwanted children. If heaven is the ultimate reward for us all isn't the issue then between God and the mother? Isn't her soul the one we should be more concerned about? Food for thought.
Brian Crawford September 20, 2012 at 11:50 AM
Bush wasn't interested in Bin Laden. He was much more concerned about his cash cow in Iraq. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4PGmnz5Ow-o
Racer X September 20, 2012 at 11:56 AM
Brian- Good post. I too believe that this is an issue between God and Mother. As a Conservative, I can not abide by any more Governmental control. I believe issues like this need to be handled by society itself rather than Big Brother. Many of these children would would end up in miserable situations and doing nothing but contributing to the disease our world has contracted. In Cynthia's defense, not all unplanned pregnancies result in a life of suffering and abuse, many end up in the loving homes of people who had no idea what an actual blessing a child could be while many are adopted by folks who can't have kids of their own, which makes me wonder, who are we to decide to end a life? I never met a woman who regretted having her baby while I have met many who regretted having an abortion. This makes it easy to see Cindy's side of the argument too. At the end of the day, I see this as a moral question. The Feds are the last people to look to for morality. Where there are laws, there are ways around laws. I believe morality has to come from home, not the Government.
David September 20, 2012 at 12:06 PM
Brian, I have seen you write some really stupid things on this site. But to justify abortion by saying it gets babies to God faster stands high at the top of stupidity.
Racer X September 20, 2012 at 12:10 PM
Brian- I just watched the video you posted. While I agree Bush was not the best example of an American president, all I took away from the video is that he himself was not so concerned about finding Obama.....I mean Osama, as he was in stomping out al-Qaeda. Osama had very effectively disappeared. Bush knew it was just a matter of time and had people to handle that for him. I am grateful to Obama for taking up his rifle, storming that compound in Pakistan and killing Osama himself though, what a man! Oh....wait a minute.....He didn't do that.....the MILITARY did that.
Brian Crawford September 20, 2012 at 01:10 PM
Please explain to me why you think it's stupid David. I can understand if you don't believe in eternal life but that is an entirely different discussion.
Brian Crawford September 20, 2012 at 01:16 PM
You had me up until that last little bit of snark. You know Mike, if you spent an afternoon fishing with me you might learn that Liberals may be poor fisherman but we're good people just like you.
Cynthia Montgomery September 20, 2012 at 02:14 PM
If you believe in the survival of the fittest theory, then I can see Brian's viewpoint and Mikes comment. When my husband hears about a stupid or mean action that results in a death he say's,"Well, that is just the culling of the heard." Demos & Repubs are all God's children. We each come here trying to get back home. We are each on a journey that provides us with human choices during our lives. In the end, we will be judged for our actions (if you believe in a higher power, most religions have some form life & after death beliefs). Some choose life, some choose death. Brian, you logic holds no water, for if you believe that children should be killed if they "might" be in a bad family, why not "get rid" of the children already born that are in a bad situation. Your solution before birth should hold even more strength to children already born for they are feeling the imagined pain you are always imaging for a unborn soul. To follow your weak reasoning that you are doing a child a favor, why not start a program where you decide how "BAD" a child's life is & then end that child's life? That makes about as much sense as to say, Hey it is ok to kill this unborn soul because they might have a bad life. That liberal logic has never held any truth for me. I would think the liberals would develop programs to help the pregnant like many churches have done. This is just one reason that many do not like liberals, Brian. they are selfish. I know demos, I just wonder about them.
Cynthia Montgomery September 20, 2012 at 02:38 PM
Brian, If you saw a grown woman & a newborn baby with there was a car coming at both of them, which one would you grab out of danger. Most would choose the newborn as the woman has the ability of move out of the way on her own power. With that thought in mind, I ask you, why would you not want to save that same baby one day, one week, or one month earlier, when they were in the womb? Your comment, " Brian @ Does it not follow then that we should not interfere in the eternal?" Forget the end to this comment - lives of those who are spared the trials and tribulations of this world?" The first part you got right! The later part is not for you to decide. I know people that came from sick families & NONE of them say, "Hey, I wish someone would have come in and killed me because I was in a bad place!" If you believe in that then you should be killing all our men & women protecting our country because they are being hurt. Of course I can continue to draw your illogical theory on and on but, I believe I have made my point! No,we should not interfere in the eternal lives of anyone! If you believe that human life is precious and you would not kill a person because they came from a bad home then I can not understand how you can spit the same logic out year after year. There are no unwanted children just confused parents. I do not believe anyone should be killed because they have a confused or bad parent, do you? Liberals use logic that do not hold water when you play them out.
Racer X September 20, 2012 at 03:12 PM
Brian- The last part was an attempt at humor. I have many friends who are democrats and very nice people. Also, I don't doubt the Far Left are poor fisherman, which explains their need for the Government to take care of them.
Racer X September 20, 2012 at 03:17 PM
Cynthia- On a side note, did you hear about the guy that did a "dine 'n dash" at the Waffle House in Athens last week? He left without paying for his meal, ran across Atlanta Highway and got struck and killed by a truck. Instant Karma. The only real victim in that scenario was the poor guy driving the truck that this fool ran out in front of. He gets to live with that horror for the rest of his life because of an idiot.
Cynthia Montgomery September 20, 2012 at 04:37 PM
Mike, If you have a mind and heart then you, like the truck driver, may very well be troubled throughout your life at your part in killing the man, even though you had no real thoughts before hand to run into the man that is now dead. However, think about the confused parents of those that choose to end their unborn child's life. It is an action that continues to travel with them throughout their lives. A man who recognized in pain the birth date of his aborted child, a woman that sees a baby and wonders if her child would look as sweet, a grandmother that prays for her aborted grandchild, are all experiences that continue for their entire lives. Thankfully, we have a forgiving God but, we are still held accountable for our actions. Forgiven yet, accountable.
Racer X September 20, 2012 at 04:50 PM
Cynthia, That is my point. I know from experience how the truck driver must feel. Very few people give consideration to the driver. What you say about living with abortion is very true and it would not be a choice for me.
C.J. September 20, 2012 at 05:26 PM
RE: "Check out the below and ask yourself, can we do without this till we get our budget balanced?" Cynthia listed the cost of these programs; she has not indicated their benefits. It only makes sense that we need to know their benefits before we can do a cost/benefit analysis. For example, her list shows $530 million in annual savings for cutting Department of Energy Grants to States for Weatherization. But if such grants create jobs (i.e., create more taxpayers) to implement energy efficiencies in homes and buildings, create more long term energy savings than the initial cost, and contribute to reducing our dependence on foreign oil (thereby leading to defense savings), then maybe we should be asking our elected representatives to increase these grants instead of cutting them. http://www1.eere.energy.gov/wip/index.html She can correct me if I'm wrong, but Cynthia's post seems to assume that every government program listed are expenses....never investments. Contrary to what many Republicans say, there's a big difference. Investments put money to work now in order to have more of it in the future. Eisenhower invested in highways. Kennedy invested in space exploration. We all invest in education. The list goes on. So again, without looking at both sides of the ledger, it's impossible to assess the value of such programs.
Brian Crawford September 20, 2012 at 07:16 PM
I'll forgive you for that David, turn the other cheek and all. Who said anything about murdering babies? We're talking about an unborn fetus. I think the SCOTUS got it right basing abortion rights on viability. And I'm not FOR abortion, I'm for it being none of my d@mn business what a woman does with her body. You only seem to care about the fetus which we all seem to agree God is providing for and show no compassion for the mother who is faced with a terrible decision.
Cynthia Montgomery September 20, 2012 at 09:22 PM
CJ, the duty of the government is listed very clearly in the Constitution. When you try to be all things to all people you fail to be anything to everyone. Our government is fat, lazy and over burdened. It is the will of the people that will provide these programs if wanted and needed. I hear about a government program that cost the tax payers over 3 million dollars and only 6 people took advantage of putting storm windows and insulation in their homes. Yet, the office rent, staff paychecks and training cost, cost of ads, and so on and so on took all 3 million. Now you tell me, why did it take a 3 million dollar program to help 6 people to put energy efficient window in their home. We can do better, we must do better. It is time to get rid of the current administration that loves to give money away for no other reason than to garner votes.
Cynthia Montgomery September 20, 2012 at 09:37 PM
CJ You should not spend money you don't have. Even worse you should not spend money you have to borrow from China. Why pay back $1.20 for every dollar you borrow. Every program is foolish and worthless if you DONT HAVE THE MONEY TO PAY FOR IT, NO MATTER how much people might save. If your home has no money and you owe $560,000 in past spend items then why would it be smart to pend another dime on windows when you haven't got a dime and you owe thousands? Liberals think spending will get us out of this mess and Repubs know you mist cut cost and spending until things get under control. The problem is too many think like Cj and not enough think like CM. How much do you owe? How much debt do you carry each month as you continue to spend, spend, spend? It is time we all become a master of our spending instead of a slaves to our debt. That goes for our homes and our country. Just saying!!!
C.J. September 20, 2012 at 10:03 PM
RE: "You should not spend money you don't have." Cynthia, Have you ever taken out a mortgage loan to invest in property that you expect to grow in value before you pay it off? How about a car loan to allow you to get to school and/or work so that you can make more money than the cost of the car? How many successful businesses are you aware of that grew steadily over time without borrowed money (if you're unsure, check the balance sheets of every Fortune 500 company)? How many cities, counties, and states do you know that operate without borrowed funds? You claim to want the federal government to operate like a home or business, but then you complain when it operates like a home or business. Incidentally, we didn't go from deficits to surpluses in the 1990's by cutting spending; we did it by putting Americans to work and growing the economy. If you truly care about deficits, then you can help by calling your congressman and senators to ask them to pass the American Jobs Act.
John Cook September 20, 2012 at 11:10 PM
If 35 billion is not "substantial," then why the [explicative deleted] is the President harping about taxing the rich and getting rid of the Bush tax cuts. I finally did some research and found that in his proposed budget, he would raise an additional 700 billion over ten years, which is only $70 billion a year. From the way Obama has harped about taxing the rich, I thought it would eliminate the deficit. But taxing the rich will only produce $70 billion a year in revenue which is less than 1% of the 3.8 trillion we are projected to spend this year. Whether we tax the rich or not, we still have a $1.7 trillion deficit per year. So Brian and Obama--got anything more substantial to offer?
Cynthia Montgomery September 21, 2012 at 03:39 AM
CJ, I have had up to 4 house loans at one time (one is now paid off). I have 3 car loans (all three are paid off), & I have NO CONSUMER DEBT. You are missing the point of my words. Our country is borrowing money on programs we don't need. I follow the policy of WANT & NEEDS Financing. I may want a new red dress but do I need a new red dress? If my check book shows a plus then I go & buy a red dress in either the want or need position. If I am in the red, I have no money & I will not go buy the dress, even if it is a need. To continue to place my future finances in a dire position is foolish. Just as our country does not need many of the above programs, I do not need a red or blue dress if I have not money. When I have my finances back under control, at that point, I can the look at buying a new dress. Liberals can always find a way to spend other people's money & from the looks of obama, he is a free spending liberal. He is a class hater racist & fuels the financially uneducated & gullible poor people into thinking that by placing blame on the rich, for being successful, he can garner their votes. If he taxes the rich to death, he could only pay off less than 1% of the trillion dollars in debt he has run up! He is running his campaign on the rich against the poor. From now on I want you to do one thing for me, every time he says the RICH replace that world with BLACK or GAY & see just how money racist he is. But the financially uneducated & poor buy his line! SO SAD!
R++ One of the Famous Dacula Crew September 21, 2012 at 03:51 AM
I have 3 car loans (all three are paid off),???? Are we actually applying current Federal level accounting principles here or what?? (Smiles) Replace have with HAD and it adds up on my calculator anyway.
Cynthia Montgomery September 21, 2012 at 04:08 AM
CJ, Nice words but let's be honest, they are just words. Every business in America is hurting & obama is part to blame. If you decide to go on a picnic & look outside & see black storm clouds, are you going to go? Sane people will wait until the storm has passed & the weather is more predictable. Enter obama with his war on businesses, with his hate words, his hostile regulations, & business breaking health care cost. Business leaders & owners are not going to hire (end the unemployment crisis) until they see the STORM CLOUDS ie ..obama is gone. I am a small business woman. I no longer have a paid assistant due to the economy and I will not hire one again until I am sure there is someone in the White House that knows what I go through as a small business owner. obama does not understand business. obama has only attended 33% of the weekly held National Security meetings, obama has us right back where we were before 911 with his weak leadership & lack of foreign policy. Have the muslin extremist settled down? NO! His father was Muslim.His half sister is Muslim. He professes to be Christian. In the Muslin faith, turing your back on the family faith is seen as the bottom of the shoe to Muslins. Are we being attacked for his not following his father's faith or a movie? Or is it his lack of leadership? The Middle East is on fire & all the media can say is Romney said so & so. The White house controls ABC & CBS. Undereducated & the poor don't know any better than to believe.SAD
Cynthia Montgomery September 21, 2012 at 04:14 AM
R, Hey, it is midnight and I just got back from my second job, give the girl a break, Besides, I always have a grammar mistake in place for the liberals to cling to as their logic is so illogical! Most of the time i use a ; instead of a ' it just sets them on fire!!! LOL Your adding machine is correct, paid off. Note Note!!
R++ One of the Famous Dacula Crew September 21, 2012 at 04:24 AM
Unfortunately by the way, the item below adds up too... "I am a small business woman. I no longer have a paid assistant due to the economy and I will not hire one again until I am sure there is someone in the White House that knows what I go through as a small business owner."
John Cook September 21, 2012 at 06:02 AM
Have you ever heard of the Bill of Rights? It is part of the Constitution--Amendments 1-10. it guarantees things such as Property Rights. And Freedom of Speech. But the Supreme Court just ruled that Congress can tax anything it chooses to tax, and that Congress is only limited by whether we evict them at the ballot box. So they could decide to tax you every time you post something on the internet. And you have been posting a lot lately. Go to Wikipedia and look at the last line of the article about Affluence in America. It says the definition Rich is relative to context. So when the Rich have been taxed into middle-class mediocrity, who do you think Congress will go after next?
John Cook September 21, 2012 at 06:15 AM
France just taxed their billionaires at a 75% tax rate. The French billionaires are applying for Belgian citizenship. France has killed the goose that laid the golden eggs. So who will France tax next?
Bruce Scroggins January 23, 2013 at 02:01 AM
Part 1 Demagoguery and Intellectual calisthenics: you twist the Constitutional absolutes; to you own meaning, as you twist in… your meaning of life from a scriptural proof text. You set a adherence to a meaning of life, from scripture then add in the Constitution position as some trump, but it's just a matter of interpretation Constitutionally. The Constitution is not as narrowly read as you state, nor is your scriptural absolution and unless a person is spiritual, your eloquence is foolishness to those who are not spiritual. The Meaning for all, as Citizen of the United States of America, is Freedom of Religion and Freedom... from Religion, so you fall flat, mixing them to re-enforce your meaning of life and citizenship, let alone “personhood”. Make your case purely from you doctrine of Faith, Pure and undefiled for the world and work to leave out anything that would align itself to the Gospels of Jesus Christ, you do a disservice in this line of mixing.
Bruce Scroggins January 23, 2013 at 02:02 AM
Part 2 Fail you do in mixing the Gospel, with your interpretations of the Constitution and then you engage in, as I said at the top “Intellectual calisthenics”, you claim a righteousness of conclusion, (unable to explain it) between the two, were none exist, you lead many to have a weak faith in both, (easily Preached, do you believe my report?), using supposed superior, understanding of both, but you have neither, not in your vehement worldly protestation, there is no understanding. Even your distain for those who dare to argue to points alone, you show your arrogance, by claiming they, what was your words… “Jump around, and you refuse to connect the dot” yet you could not connect, or disconnect, or argue, one point as, separate from another, rather, when it got deep, you dismissed your engaged as a waste of time. Ok, I’ve done that many time myself, it your way of retaining your superiority, I get that. Well I have little time for the game of Scripture here… Constitution there, see I’ am better than you… but what have to won? Interesting excursion into the Right‘s Thinking. What was most interesting was how commenters attributing acts by Conservative Republicans Tea Party small g and little c’s to the Left. No more Intellectual calisthenics, I’ am done.


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