Abandoned Street Dog Travels 6,800 Miles, Snatch and Grab Turns Dangerous and Family Leaps From Burning Home

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- Decatur Patch

Gordy is a 4-year old Egyptian street dog who was abandoned in Cairo this fall and spent five days patiently waiting in the same spot downtown where he was dumped. Every day he carefully watched everyone who came by, looking for his former family to come back and get him. 

Fed on occasion by kindly soldiers and citizens who saw him standing there night and day, he was finally rescued by The Egyptian Society for Mercy To Animals (ESMA), a non-profit dedicated to helping homeless pets and wildlife in a society that very often considers such animals to be disposable.

Still, how did he get to Georgia?

Find out on Decatur Patch.


Snatch and Grab at Mall Turns Dangerous - Dunwoody Patch

Dunwoody Poloice reported a scary incident Monday at Perimeter Mall.

A woman was leaving the mall and was in the parking lot when a man snatched her bag from the Apple Store and started running away.

The woman chased the man -- and then he pointed a gun at her.

Read more on Dunwoody Patch.


East Point Family Forced to Jump From Burning Home - Cascade Patch

The East Point Fire Department has released information about an early morning fire that forced a father and daughter to leap from the second story of their East Point home Monday morning.

According to the East Point Fire Department, a distress call came from 1419 Gus Thornhill Junior Drive at 2:56 a.m. When fire trucks responded, "heavy smoke and flames were seen coming from the two story wood frame structure. The two (home occupants) were outside." 



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