Another Robbery, More Vandalism and a Word of Thanks

A look at a few of the most notable stories this week on Dacula Patch.

For those of you who do not always keep up with the crime reports, we’ve had a number of robberies -- some violent -- recently. In this particular instance, the victim was in a parking lot, alone, late at night and, according to the police report, very intoxicated. I think women are more or less are warned all their lives to use caution and not to go out alone at night, but do men get the same warnings? Well, here you go fellas: Don’t go out wandering (drunk or sober) through nearly empty parking lots by yourself late at night. Use the buddy system because, as the saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

How many people will apply to open a liquor store in Dacula? Will this end up as a heated competition or will the person who spearheaded the package store referendum petition drive be the sole applicant? I think the chances are good several people will apply since this is likely to be a very lucrative venture. We’ll find out next month.

I really don’t see what is so fun about going around shooting up people’s cars and homes, but apparently we have a vandal or vandals on the loose who think that is grand entertainment. As always, be on the lookout for suspicious vehicles and, if you hear strange noises in the middle of the night, take a peek out your window and see if you can spot the source.

Christmas in Dacula: Share Your Photos and Videos

Have you put up your Christmas tree yet? Have you decorated your house? I have really enjoyed seeing all the lights and decorations in my neighborhood and would like to see more, but Dacula is a really big area! How would you like to help your Dacula friends and neighbors enjoy all the sights and sounds (if you shoot video) of the holidays by uploading pictures and/or video clips of the Christmas decorations in and near your home to our online photo gallery? It’s easy to do and it would be fun to see Christmas scenes throughout Dacula.

I would like to thank all of you who have posted events and announcements on Dacula Patch. There are so many things I would never know about if you didn’t post your news. If you haven’t posted on Patch, I hope you’ll give it a try -- it is a really easy way to share news and information with the community.

Be sure to check in during the week for the latest news and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for updates throughout the day. You can also get the latest news in your inbox with our free daily email newsletter.  Have a great week and thanks for reading Dacula Patch.

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