Dacula Restaurant Inspections: Dec. 28

A look at the most recent restaurant inspections by the East Metro Health District.

The East Metro Health District is tasked with ensuring restaurant compliance with applicable health and safety regulations. The following restaurant scores are the most recent scores available from the East Metro Health District website as of Dec. 27.

545 Dacula Road
Score: 100
Last inspection: 12/9/11
Click here for report.


3450 Hamilton Mill Parkway
Score: 82
Last inspection: 7/26/11
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465 Dacula Road, Suite A
Score: 96
Last inspection: 11/12/11
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2463 Hamilton Mill Road
Score: 96
Last Inspection: 7/14/11
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2320 Liam Avenue
Score: 94
Last inspection: 7/5/11
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1862 Auburn Road
Score: 96
Last inspection: 11/28/11
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2463 Hamilton Mill Parkway
Score: 96
Last inspection: 8/26/11
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2115 Hamilton Creek Parkway, #106
Score: 93
Last inspection: 11/30/11
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3519 Braselton Highway, B-1
Score: 86
Last graded inspection: 12/8/11
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725 Harbins Road
Score: 99
Last Inspection: 11/28/11
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