Dating Auction Website Says Men Paying Average of $131 to 'Buy' a First Date

Price in the weeks leading up to Valentine's Day is higher than the $80 average during the rest of the year.

How much would you pay for a date this Valentine's Day?

According to a study conducted by dating auction website WhatsYourPrice.com, men are paying an average of $131.70 for a first date during the weeks leading up to Valentine's Day. The average annual price is $80.

“Our study revealed that as Valentine’s Day neared, both the number of offers and the average first date price steadily increased,” said Brandon Wade, the CEO and Founder of WhatsYourPrice.com, in a released statement. “Offering money for a first date is rather unconventional in the dating world, but it proves that Valentine’s Day is as important a holiday for singles as it is for couples.”

Would you pay someone to go on a date with you? Let us know in the comments.

In Atlanta, 3,619 first-date offers have been made in the past four weeks. That number pales in comparison to the number of first-date offers in New York, which was ranked as the top city for singles seeking Valentines with 27,733 first-date offers made.

Other top five cities included Los Angeles, Calif. (22,341 first-date offers), Miami, Fla. (20,162), Chicago, Ill. (13,294) and Las Vegas, Nev. (6,647).

WhatsYourPrice.com is an online dating website where first dates are bought and sold through a bidding process. The website was founded by Brandon Wade, who also founded the Sugar Daddy Dating website, SeekingArrangement.com, as well as the travel dating website, MissTravel.com, and the millionaire matchmaker website, SeekingMillionaire.com.

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