Drug Dealers, Pink Slime and a Ghost Town

A look at a few of the top stories this week on Dacula Patch.

The victim in this story said he is working with Auburn Police to investigate the local drug trade. The alleged assailant in this incident lives roughly a mile from and is supposedly running a drug ring out of his home.  The case is under investigation. While I hope the allegations about this drug ring prove to be unfounded, it is important to for each of us to remain alert, report suspicious activity to police and remember that crime can happen anywhere -- near schools, churches and our homes.


Several years ago, I read “Toxin” by Robin Cook and was unable to bring myself to eat ground beef for about a year after reading it. The whole “” thing has me avoiding ground beef once more. I feel somewhat better knowing and do not sell ground beef containing the product and that is no longer purchasing beef containing “pink slime,” but just thinking about it makes the idea of eating a hamburger seem repulsive. Chicken anyone?


Cornerstone Village is somewhat tucked away behind and . For a while, this strip mall had numerous tenants and seemed reasonably well trafficked. That is no longer the case. As one business owner said last week, the place is a “ghost town.” Soon only five businesses will remain in this shopping center. What will it take to revive this shopping center? Share your thoughts in the comments.


If you think about it, naming a park could be fairly complicated. Whatever name city leaders choose, some people will be unhappy with it. If you name the park for an individual, other people will no doubt feel slighted. If you name if for a local landmark, some people will argue it should’ve been named for another landmark. Can you imagine the potential complaints about any name? Too long, too short, too boring, too elaborate -- the whole process could be very frustrating. Hopefully everyone who has an opinion about the name will chime in before the name is chosen and give city leaders the information and feedback they need to make a decision that will please most, if not all, city residents.


If you missed our live chat with the Georgia Department of Labor, you can find out what you missed by reading the transcript. This week’s chat covered interviewing tips. If you or anyone you know if looking for a job, this chat transcript may provide some useful advice.


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