Guns, Liquor and the Dangers of ‘Yapping’

A look at a few of the most notable stories this week on Dacula Patch.

The ATF and Gwinnett County Police will no doubt be devoting considerable resources to finding the person or persons responsible for stealing more than 60 weapons during the burglary of a Braselton Highway gun shop. It is sickening to think of all those weapons on the streets in the wrong hands. It is, however, also a very good reminder that criminals don’t care about gun control laws or any other laws. Lawmakers can try to restrict gun ownership and pass all the laws they like, but to what end? Law-abiding citizens will comply, but criminals will still find a way to get whatever weapon they want by whatever means necessary.

This month, the Dacula City Council will evaluate applications and decide who will get to operate the city’s first liquor store. So far, I know of five individuals who have expressed an interest in becoming the city’s liquor store licensee. How many of those people will actually go through the application process remains to be seen. One of them, however, is sure to apply. Heather Weaver and her husband Russ Weaver own The Bottle Shop in Madison, Ga. and were behind the successful petition drive to get the liquor store referendum before the voters. More on Heather later this month. 

Customer’s ‘Yapping’ Leads to Armed Confrontation

Grown men should really behave better, but we all know people don’t always act as they should. Thankfully, this incident didn’t escalate into a shootout in the QT parking lot. Just remember, if you are ever tempted to exchange words with someone, that someone just might be packing heat.

Will We Finally Have Ethics Reform in Georgia?

The Georgia General Assembly opens its 40-day legislative session this month. I know the words “Georgia General Assembly” may make some people’s eyes immediately glaze over, but please stay with me for a moment. The ladies and gentlemen in the General Assembly spend those 40-days passing laws and regulations that can potentially have a huge impact on your life and your wallet (Anyone remember TSPLOST? Anyone?).  What happens in the General Assembly is important and we’re lucky to have political watchdog Ray Newman keeping us up to date on the latest legislative happenings including the possibility of long-awaited ethics reform. 

Rep. Paul Broun Votes Against Fiscal Cliff Deal

Speaking of politics, residents of Dacula now have a new representative in Congress. The Linder/Woodall years are over and we now must get to know Rep. Paul Broun. Rep. Broun started 2013 with a vote against the “Fiscal Cliff” deal. Click on the link above to read a statement issued by Broun after the vote.

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