Satire or Not?: How to Catch a Husband 101

UGA student explains how to go about landing Mr. Right.

For some, getting a B.S., B.A. or M.S. while in college is a top priority. Others may be focusing their efforts on a different set of letters -- Mrs.

Amber Estes, a sophomore from Athens majoring in public relations at the University of Georgia, recently penned an essay for the Red and Black in which she outlined the steps necessary to secure a husband while at college.

According to Estes, female students have only four years to attain security for their future.

“That’s right ladies, four years to find a husband. Every true woman knows how vital it is to find the right brilliant babe to father their children and replenish their bank accounts,” Estes wrote in the July 6 commentary.

Estes then proceeds to lay out six steps for catching a husband which include advice such as:

  • “Spend your free time casually moseying around the law school, Ag Hill or Terry. This is where you’ll find the most ambitious guys, which directly correlates to how well they’ll be able to provide for you and your future mini Mr. Perfects.” 
  • “On your first date, STAY CLASSY. A man won’t get down on one knee for a woman who is overly willing to get down on both of hers.” 
  • “Once he does make you his girlfriend, the hard-to-get phase must end. Playing coy was fun, but coy does not a trophy wife make. This is the phase where you put this boy on lockdown.”

The commentary concludes with: “This is your chance to live happily every after. Encourage your man to go wherever the money is, and then stay by his side regardless of any circumstance. Pretty soon, you’ll be sipping sweet tea by the pool at the country club while some babysitter watches after Junior and Georgia Ann.” (Read the full essay here.)

Estes has received widespread publicity for the article including mentions by ABC News and the Daily Mail. She has also been the subject of criticism by those unsure if the piece was a meant to be taken seriously or is simply clever satire.

Even Red and Black readers seem unsure. Current results of a Red and Black poll show roughly half the respondents think Estes’ article was satirical, while nearly a third think it was not.

What do you think? Was Estes’ column all in good fun or is it insulting and demeaning to college women? Let us know in the comments.

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Cynthia Montgomery July 17, 2012 at 03:01 PM
I think the better question is why did she not write about how men are in college to get a degree and a to find Miss RIght! Most men will admit that they indeed engage in not only study hall but also female study hall as well. Why is is OK for men to be playing the field in college searching for a one night stand as well as a wife for life and nobody says anything but, "Great Job, she's hot!" Yet if a women is also searching for a boy for joy, she is looked at as a gold digger. Men are searching for a winning wife for life so quit being sexist about women engaging in the same activities. Let's face it, if she is looking and going out then so is he, problem is we are given the sexist response but the males are considered wise to choose a college woman of brains and beauty. Do you want a high schooler to get married? After getting your education, many choose the next step which is normally marriage. Why so that action be seen as somehow wrong. THose that I went to college with that did not marry within 2 years of graduating from college NEVER MARRIED. So I suggest you don't be stupid about looking where all the available mates are unless you choose to be single. Looking where the pickings is plentiful is just being realistic! Just Saying.....
Kristi Reed (Editor) July 17, 2012 at 11:11 PM
Cynthia - You are right. Men engage in the same activities. I feel sorry for this girl. I think she meant the commentary tongue in cheek, but she has really been slammed for writing what is perhaps too close to the truth for some to admit. Of course, I don't fault her ... I got my Mrs at Georgia Tech ;)


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