Inspirational Speech, Missing Women and a Party Divided

Were you inspired by the political speeches last week? Do you feel media coverage of the conventions was balanced? Is the GOP on the right track? Patch bloggers addressed these issues and more last week.

Would you like to share your thoughts, ideas and questions on Dacula Patch? Bloggers are always welcome, so feel free to speak out on issues both large and small. Here are some excerpts from Patch blogs posted during the past week:


The first day of speeches at this year's DNC included some of the Democratic Party's most promising rising stars including Newark Mayor Cory Booker and San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro. Lily Ledbetter's speech on equal pay and Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick's portrait of his predecessor Mitt Romney's tenure were also crowd favorites. However, the undisputed star of the show was First Lady Michelle Obama. ()


In my lifetime, I have seen the Grand Old Party change.  What was once a party of all white men has now become the party of blacks, females, Latinos and gays.  How is it that the party of Abraham Lincoln and Ronald Reagan has become the inclusive party?  After watching the Republican National Convention, RNC, last week, I was energized as I watched the variety of female speakers parade across the stage. ()


With the Republican National Convention having just ended, there has been a lot of talk about whether the Republicans accomplished what they set out to do, whether Mitt Romney was able to successfully introduce himself to the majority of Americans who aren’t political junkies, and whether that much coveted convention bounce would finally tip the polls from narrowly favoring Obama to at least narrowly favoring Romney. ()


News flash -- It occurred to us that we are going to die someday. We pondered this revelation for a few minutes, looking for options, but saw no way around it. So, conceding to the obvious, we started looking for ways to make the most of the remainder of our visit on this planet.  ()


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