Liquor License Decision, Alleged ‘Anti-Gay’ Policies and Weather Watching

A look at a few of the most notable stories this week on Dacula Patch.

City of Dacula Awards First Liquor License

This week, the Dacula City Council awarded Dacula’s first (and currently only) liquor license to Heather Weaver. Heather and her husband Russ bring 10 years of experience in the liquor store business and have a beautiful plan for their store, which will be called Dacula Cork and Bottle. While some may be upset with the prospect of a liquor store coming to town, the citizens of Dacula overwhelmingly voted in favor of allowing package stores in the city limits. As to where the store will be built -- let’s face it, there is no location that would have pleased everyone. The site plan looks very nice, the plans for the building itself are very attractive and the lot is large enough to provide a buffer between the store and nearby residential areas. I wish the Weavers the best of luck and hope the store does well and benefits the city. 

For so long, we have seen reports of car break-ins in which people left their doors unlocked. It is important to remember though that some thieves are willing to go the extra mile to break into a vehicle. We’ve had a couple of cases in Dacula lately (and many more in Buford) in which a thief or thieves have punched the locks on Ford F150s and Ford F250s. If you have one of these vehicles, be aware. As always -- and no matter what you drive -- avoid leaving valuables in your vehicle.

In the interest of full disclosure, I attended a private Christian school from kindergarten through high school. My school received no public funding, but also, to my knowledge, had no explicit policies regarding homosexuals. While private schools are entitled to set their own policies, I can certainly see where it could become an issue if that school receives public funding. That said, I would hope that any private Christian school would far exceed the public school system in teaching love, compassion and tolerance.

I got such a kick out of watching the “Gangnam Style” video shot at Dacula High School. The students in the video did a great job not just in the acting and dancing, but also the video production itself was very impressive. I hope you’ll check it out. Also, be sure to take a look at a wonderful national anthem performance at Mill Creek and the bike ride video. I had no idea Harbins Park had trails like that! 

Thanks again to local weather expert Steve Brueck for keeping us updated as another round of severe weather moved through our area. If you are not following Steve’s blogs during severe weather, you should. He does an incredible job keeping us informed and you know you will always get the latest local conditions. Thanks Steve!

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