Liquor Store Question, Restaurant Closure and Booing God

A look at a few of the most notable stories this week on Dacula Patch.

Dacula Special Election Set for Nov. 6

It’s official. On Nov. 6, registered voters within the city limits of Dacula will decide whether or not to allow package stores in the city. If this were a question being put to voters in unincorporated Dacula, it would likely pass by a wide margin. It may still pass easily -- after all, Dacula voters overwhelmingly supported Sunday sales and Sunday liquor by the drink sales last year. Do you think the referendum will pass? Would you like it to pass? 

Wok Star Asian Cuisine Closes Its Doors

Sadly, we have witnessed many local businesses close over the past couple of years, but usually they last a little longer than three months. The full details of what caused Wok Star to close remain unknown, but hopefully the owners will find success in their next venture and a new business will move into that space soon.

Mill Creek Remains Largest High School in Gwinnett

I have been a Mill Creek parent since 2006 and I have been extremely pleased with the school. Dr. Markham and his staff have done a wonderful job managing what is again the largest student body in Gwinnett.

Dacula Area Teachers of the Year Announced

Given how large the staff is at some of our local schools, it is quite an honor to be chosen by your peers as a Teacher of the Year. Congratulations to all of our local educators who were recently selected for this designation and good luck in the GCPS Teacher of Year competition. 

Booing God, Saying 'Sorry' and Other Democratic Actions This Week

We had several great blogs posted this last week, but Dacula Patch blogger Cynthia Montgomery really ignited a lively conversation with her most recent post. Check it out and look for the “Start a Blog” link on the home page if you’d like to post your own Patch blog.

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