New Bike Safety Law Now in Effect

The “Better Cycling Bill” includes minimum safe passing distance.

On July 1, Georgia’s new “Better Bicycling Bill” changed the way automobiles and bicycles are allowed to operate in the state.

HB 101 requires motorists passing bicyclists to leave a minimum of three feet of clearance between the vehicle and the bicycle. According to a press release from Georgia Bikes, “the bill makes several improvements to bicycling laws.”

These improvements include a requirement that bicycle lanes be built in accordance with minimum nationally recognized safety standards. The law also governs the direction in which bicyclists are allowed to travel in bicycle lanes and specifies the circumstances under which a bicycle can move into the center of a regular travel lane.

“The passage of House Bill 101, with a 3 foot safe passing amendment, was a tremendous step forward for bicycling safety in Georgia,” said Georgia Bikes Executive Director Brent Buice in a released statement. “We recognize that the new law will only be useful if motorists are aware of it. Working with local cyclists and advocacy organizations, we’re coordinating radio PSAs and these ‘3 Feet 2 Pass’ rides to raise awareness of the new law among Georgia’s drivers.”

This past weekend, the Georgia Bikes organization held “3 Feet 2 Pass” group rides in Atlanta, Athens, Augusta, LaGrange, Milledgeville, Norcross and Savannah. Georgia Bikes, a nonprofit bicycling advocacy group, works to improve bicycling conditions and promotes bicycling throughout Georgia. For more information about the group, visit the Georgia Bikes website.


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