Second Amendment, Traffic Relief and Rewarding Bad Behavior

A look at a few of the most notable stories this week on Dacula Patch.

Rep. Broun: Second Amendment ‘Protects All the Rest of Our Liberty’

Rep. Paul Broun, Dacula’s new congressman, was at Dacula City Hall Tuesday night for a town hall meeting. If you weren’t able to attend, I hope you’ll take a few moments to read coverage of the meeting and perhaps watch the video clips. Broun, who has announced he plans to run for Senate in 2014, will be our voice in Washington for the next two years.  It is important to know where he stands on the issues and important to let him know where you stand on the issues. 

Area Homeschoolers Working to Help Shelter Dogs

I want to thank the Jackson County homeschoolers for sharing this story about their efforts to find a new home for Roscoe. I have a soft spot for dogs and have, since Dacula Patch started, tried to focus attention each week on dogs available for adoption at the shelter. My dog Buddy was adopted from the Gwinnett County Animal Shelter and he is a great dog. Everyone should have a Buddy in their life and maybe Roscoe could be yours. 

County Seeking Approval for Traffic Signal at Jim Moore and Hwy. 124

As anyone who lives or travels in this part of Dacula knows, the intersection of Braselton Highway and Jim Moore Road is a dangerous one for a lot of reasons. While pedestrian traffic is not as big of a concern as it once was, it is still a hazardous intersection due to the need to cross multiple lanes of high speed traffic to turn left off Jim Moore Road. Heck, even turning right can be hazardous as times due to the speed and sudden lane changes of northbound traffic. The light will come much too late to help Dakota Wilson, but perhaps more deaths and accidents can be avoided. 

It may seem very unfair that you cannot lock your valuables in your vehicle without becoming a victim of crime, but it is what it is. There are criminals out there who do not care how much the item costs, do not care how hard you worked to earn the money to pay for the item, do not care that the item is yours and in your vehicle and most certainly do not care that they are breaking the law. We are talking about morally bankrupt individuals who would rather steal from you than go without or earn the money to pay for the items themselves. Please do not reward or encourage this behavior by leaving valuable items in your vehicle. 

Well, at least they are not planning to take a lane away this time. I am not a fan of the toll lanes. It still irks me to think that taxpayers coughed up millions of dollars to pay for HOV lanes that were going to solve our traffic woes just to have the government turn around a few years later and take millions more to convert those lanes to toll lanes which, according to the government, will solve our traffic woes even better (?). I think we definitely need I-85 to be three-laned both ways all the way up to Chateau Elan, but I don’t think that third lane needs to be a toll lane. Also, I think it would help immensely if people would learn how to safely merge onto I-85 at the Mall of Georgia. Just saying … 

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