Three Questions With the Mayor: Liquor Applicant Deadline, Congress on the Square and Technological Pursuits

Dacula Mayor Jimmy Wilbanks answers questions about our community.

In this week's "Three Questions With the Mayor," Dacula Mayor Jimmy Wilbanks provides an update on the latest city news and discusses technology.

Dacula Patch: What's new in Dacula this week?

Mayor Wilbanks: This is a short, busy week at City Hall. We are closed for the King Day holiday on Monday. Tuesday, Jan. 22, 2012 is the final day to receive liquor store applications. I’ll defer Wednesday to question 2, and on Thursday, there is a Planning and Zoning work session.

Dacula Patch: What is something Dacula residents need to know this week?

Mayor Wilbanks: On Wednesday, Jan. 23, 2013, staffers from U. S. Rep. Paul Broun’s office (Congressional District 10) will be at City Hall to help Rep. Broun’s constituents with any problems they may have with the federal government. The will be at City Hall from 9 a.m. to noon. Rep. Broun calls this effort Congress On The Square. If you want help from Rep. Broun’s staffers, please bring any paperwork you may have about your problem.

Dacula Patch: If you were to enroll in college today, what degree would you pursue and why?

Mayor Wilbanks: I would pursue a career in some technological area. There is so much going on in the computer technology field and we have such a wide-open need in the field for skilled, educated people and such a current dearth of workers . There is need for college graduates and technical college graduates. There is also a broad arena where entrepreneurs have a chance to make a difference in technological sciences. As an example, If someone could come up with a way to reduce or eliminate the wild tangle of wiring needed for desktop computers, I think they would have an opportunity to make a fortune—perhaps without a college degree at all. Just think how much better your workspace would be without a scramble of wire/cable.

If you were to enroll in college today, what degree would you pursue and why? Let us know in the comments.

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