Top 5 Comments of the Week: Unions, Nukes and Taxes

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This is the South. Love it or leave it! We quite frankly don't care which. – Cindy on God Bless the Union Label 


Harry Truman said "Nuke Them" and it didn't get their attention. Then he said nuke them again. He got their attention. That's the difference between a strong President and what we have now. One that has time to go on Letterman but not time to meet with the leaders of our allies. – Bobby Black on  


No I'm NOt ready for Fall. To me Fall signals the onset of leaves falling from trees, flowers dying off, & lawns turning brown. I don't mean to sound depressing, it's just that Summer is my favorite season. Before you know it we'll be scraping frost from our windshields & shivering while the car warms up. There IS an up side. I love sitting on my porch on a cool day with a fire in the Chimenea. I love the smell of hardwood burning and the colors of the leaves. – David Binder on 


Corporations simply increase the prices of goods to cover taxes. Raise them some more and see how much more you'll pay at the store. You have to eliminate the current tax system to get out of this mess and no one is will to do that. – Steve Brueck on  Citizenry Has Lost Its Resolve to Control Bureaucratic Absurdities 


Have you ever heard of the Bill of Rights? It is part of the Constitution--Amendments 1-10. it guarantees things such as Property Rights. And Freedom of Speech. But the Supreme Court just ruled that Congress can tax anything it chooses to tax, and that Congress is only limited by whether we evict them at the ballot box. So they could decide to tax you every time you post something on the internet. And you have been posting a lot lately. Go to Wikipedia and look at the last line of the article about Affluence in America. It says the definition Rich is relative to context. So when the Rich have been taxed into middle-class mediocrity, who do you think Congress will go after next? – John Cook on Which of These Government Programs Could You Live Without?



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