Top 10 Dacula Patch Comments of the Week: Politics, Thuggery and Fast Food Fracas

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“Thanks Michael, I too am a proud Veteran, I took the oath, I went in harms way. No political party owns allegiance to our country, true patriots will fight and die for even those that we disagree with. This is what truly makes us American, this is what sets us apart from the rest of the world. Hold your head high, I salute you and thank you for your patriotism.” – ToJo on


"Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past." --George Orwell, in his book titled 1984 A good read. I recommend it for three reasons. 1. A lesson about History. 2. A lesson about today. 3. A lesson about the future." – Steve Ramey on


“…Steve, from one veteran to another, Thank You for your service. I have traveled to other countries and been to war and to be quite honest we are stumbling down a path that is NOT pretty. Other countries have tried to appease the people and given them handouts and benefits and told them they didn't have pay taxes. Look at Greece. Their government is now broke from doing that, destitute. If you constantly give people handouts, they have no incentive or motivation to do for themselves, because others will do it for them. I am in agreement with giving them a hand up, but not a hand out. Our country has gotten lazy and greedy; giving new meaning to fat and happy. The tax cuts people are complaining about expiring, were put in place when the government had a budget surplus. Guess what, we now have a $1.4 Trillion budge deficit. I believe in spending cuts, but not with respect to our military. We are already spread too thin from the cuts that have already been made, if we cut any more we will not be able to defend our own borders. We are the land of the free for a reason. We faught for that right and have defended that right ever since. The government doesn't pay for itself, we have to do that. We pay them to do a job. If you feel they aren't doing their job, which they aren't, the fire them; vote them out. BUT, educate yourself first. KNOW what you are talking about from all sides first. But, VOTE!” - beachski23 on


"Congrats to Ms. Crosby!!! My kids couldn't have a better, sweeter, creative and talented teacher.. Proud to be part of the Mulberry Family.." – Mabel Ortiz on  Dacula Area Teachers Selected As Semifinalists in 2013 Teacher of the Year Competition


"And then the old geezer said 'I'm gonna quarter-pound yer face!'And the young whipper snapper said 'I'd like to see you fry!!' So gramps gave him a shake and kicked him in the nuggets. The end." – Craig Reed on  Dacula Man Admits Grabbing Teen by Neck During Dispute at McDonald’s


"Don’t forgot the part where a big guy named Mac stepped in and snack wrapped his huge arms around both and broke their mcRibs." – Mitch on  Dacula Man Admits Grabbing Teen by Neck During Dispute at McDonald’s


"The spork did it, but left no witnesses because it was the last straw..." - R on  Dacula Man Admits Grabbing Teen by Neck During Dispute at McDonald’s


"The only reason any of this happened was because Cramer chose to confront the kid rather than alert the staff that he had parked in the spot. If a grown adult can't put up with a 'punk' mouthing off without breaking down and grabbing his neck, that grown adult shouldn't be going out in public." – Jon on Dacula Man Admits Grabbing Teen by Neck During Dispute at McDonald’s


"Don't mark it off your list, don't let thugs take our parks away. We need more citizens to report just like this man did. Because HE did report the THUGS were caught! REPORT REPORT REPORT!! Our police can NOT be every were at all times but, WE are! If we will continue to report and they will continue to be arrested then, they move on from here. I know it works! We just need stronger laws to make their being THUGS not a favorable career choice!" – Cynthia Montgomery on  Armed Confrontation at Local Park Ends in Three Arrests


"Tomorrow's Results: Alabama 35 Missouri 17 Texas A&M 24 Louisiana Tech 21 Miss State 37 Tennessee 31 (2OT) Florida 23 Vanderbilt 14 Mississippi 35 Auburn 34 Arkansas 42 Kentucky 20 LSU 38 South Carolina 35 (OT) Georgia 0 Bye 3" - Mitch on College Football Scores: SEC Week 6


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