Traffic Stop Standoff, Park Name and CRCT Testing

A look at a few of the top stories this week on Dacula Patch.

Well, the wait is finally over. We now have a name for Dacula’s new downtown park – Olde Mill Park at Historic Downtown Dacula. The name was one of many great suggestions, but does have the advantage of relating to the history of the site. Mayor Jimmy Wilbanks kindly shared an article he wrote about the park land's history titled .


When an officer gives you the choice of doing things the easy way or the hard way, choose the easy way. This bizarre encounter between authorities and an Iowa man resulted in what was apparently a rather large expenditure of police time and resources. One witness said the standoff lasted over an hour and involved eight or nine patrol cars. It is a shame one person can cause that much trouble.


This still-developing story should serve as a cautionary tale to all drivers. As of Friday, the woman whose vehicle was damaged is still trying to sort things out with her insurance company and the city’s. The city’s insurance company denies having any liability for the accident. In a letter to Ms. Moore, the city’s insurance company wrote, “Based upon the information received and our investigation of your claim, we have found that our insured is not responsible for your damages.  Our investigation reveals that there was no negligence found on City of Dacula.” Well if Ms. Moore wasn’t negligent and the city wasn’t negligent, then whose fault is this accident?  I really don't believe this qualifies for the "Act of God" exclusion.    


This topic generated quite a few comments on the article itself and on Facebook. Based on my experiences as a parent, it does seem that an inordinate amount of time is spent on standardized testing. It really does make one wonder if the schools are teaching students for the sake of increasing knowledge or simply teaching them to take tests.


The Trophy Club of Apalachee will host a golf tournament on Friday, May 25 to benefit the Disabled American Veterans. The tournament is named in honor of WWII veteran Woody Hall. Read the article to learn more about Mr. Hall and how you can help our veterans. 

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