Was Bigfoot Seen in Buford? Maybe, Says Website

The credibility of a journal that published Bigfoot DNA findings has been called into question. But one website lists more than 100 Sasquatch stories from Georgia, including one from Norcross and one in Buford.

Is there such a thing as bigfoot? A scientific journal says yes, but the credibility of that publication has been called into question.

According to a report by The Huffington Post, the only content of the DeNovo Journal of Science is the research on Bigfoot, and that has many wondering about the vailidity of the report, which is said to have studied 111 samples of alleged Sasquatch hair, blood, skin and other tissues.

The current edition of DeNovo is listed as Volume 1, Issue 1, and the Huff Post article says Texas geneticist Melba Ketchum, who spent five years studying the DNA samples, acquired the rights to the journal and renamed it so as not to lose its "peer-reviewed" status. Peer-reviewed journals are scholarly journals that only publish articles that have passed through a review process. 

While Ketchum's study may or may not prove the existence of Bigfoot, there have been thousands of witness accounts over the years, including at least two right here in Gwinnett County

The Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization, which calls itself "the only scientific research organization exploring the bigfoot/sasquatch mystery," documents reports from the Norcross and Buford areas among more than 100 sightings in Georgia.

  • In 1999, one witnesses said he and other family members heard sounds and saw physical evidence in the woods behind his home around Plunketts Road near Buford. He believed it was Bigfoot based on the trail torn through the woods. He wrote: "[I] have been around bears and mountain lions before. Whatever that thing was that night was not one of those and I'm not nuts!"
  • Another account, written by a man recalling incidents as a 14-year-old in the Norcross area in 1974, told of a skinny creature seven feet tall, with "wide hips, and its arms were almost to its knees." The report, based on what he and a friend had apparenty seen, was written in 1998.

More recent reports from Georgia included:

Click here to view more reports of sightings in Georgia.

If you have a report of your own, you can complete a sighting report form with the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization. 

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