Planning Underway for Newest Phase of Little Mulberry Park

New section to include a playground, pavilion and an 18-hole disc golf course.

As early as next year, construction could begin on the newest phase of .

Grant Guess, Division Director of Gwinnett County Parks and Recreation (GCPR) Project Administration, said planning is currently underway for the new section.

“We’re working on the design right now,” he said.

The area will include approximately 140 parking spaces, a pavilion, restroom facilities, trail access and a 19.4-acre, 18-hole disc golf course. The disc golf course will be the third in Gwinnett. The existing courses are located at Alexander Park in Lawrenceville and Lenora Park in Snellville.

The entrance to the new section will be located between Patrick Road and Greenside Court, Guess said, though the exact spot has not yet been determined. Guess said GCPR is working with the Gwinnett Department of Transportation regarding placement of the entrance as well as future sidewalk plans.

Guess explained that funding for the park addition should be available in 2013, but is contingent upon the approval of GCPR’s budget.

Click here to view the master plan for Little Mulberry Park.

What do you think about the plans for the newest section of Little Mulberry Park? Have you ever played disc golf? Let us know in the comments. 

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Cynthia Montgomery August 29, 2012 at 04:57 PM
While I am excited at the advancements at the park, I do have issues with the planned walkway behind the HighPoint Community's homes. We have had continued issues with people coming up from behind our homes for undesirable and harmful reasons. With the planned walkway, many will now how easy access to the back of our homes. As you may notice when homes back up to a major roadway these homes have fences for providing security and safety due to the added access to one's home. Access to the back of a person's home is an added danger as noted by insurance companies and raised insurance rates. In the past, we have had the following issues with people parking on the shoulder and coming up the hill to our houses; 'ex husband entering a woman's home and causing harm, drug buyers coming into the backyard of dealers to buy at basements or backyards, junk buyers stealing metal patio furniture to sell, male teenagers sneaking into yards for viewing of unsuspecting neighbors, and wilding teenagers entering cars & homes for stealing. We have spoken to the DOT about our concerns. We are requesting a security fence to be put up to secure our homes & families. Opening our back yards up with easy access walkways will continued to increase issues we have experienced in the past. This is not in keeping with our view of home safety. We are requesting a security fence be added to the plan similar to the one located on the property of the homeowners on the other side of Hog Mountain Road.
Tim Sullivan January 09, 2013 at 06:12 PM
Love to know more about the park, how about a history lesson for all? Who owned the land before it became a park, many folks or just one family? What was the property used for before it was a park? Is the house off Hog Mtn still a private residence? Who lived or lives there? Who built the building on the lake at the lake trail head? Is it really old or new? Who id Karina Miller for whom the nature preserve is named for?


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