Dysfuntional Gwinnett Board of Commissioners in Action

Some members of BOC attempting to continue "business as usual" in back room deals despite citizen opposition and without citizen input.

Last night I . Based on what I saw and heard, if the BOC goes forward with Briscoe expansion any private operator is doomed to failure.

In May, the BOC voted to proceed with the RFP and to establish a citizens committee to advise the BOC on the RFP for Briscoe. No timeline or procedures were detailed in this vote.  No one ever appointed committee members. My recollection is that the BOC agreed not to go forward with the next step (RFP) until the citizens committee made recommendations to the BOC. Apparently no one took action on either item, hence last night’s lengthy discussion. But the important thing is that now the three legacy members (Howard, Beaudreau, Lassiter) want to push forward with the RFP without recommendations from the citizens committee and despite the recommendations of the IMG consultants.

We (C4BG) have told the BOC since October of 2010 that in order to issue an RFP the county needed to have a strategic goal and that the RFP would flesh out the tactical methods to achieve that goal -- this is a standard business procedure.  When Charlotte Nash took office, she confirmed this to the BOC in a meeting.  There are two distinct issues with Briscoe -- privatization and expansion. The BOC must have a clearly stated goal in the RFP. Based on last night's meeting, the "fuzzy" RFP being pushed will not instill confidence in potential bidders. 

My impression is that the three legacy board members are trying to expand the airport without taking a vote or making an outright decision to expand the airport.  They want to avoid responsibility and accountability to voters for what is a very unpopular position. They are looking for scapegoats to blame (county staff and IMG consultants) when the private operator fails. From my experience, I've concluded that Gwinnett has three BOC members which have no leadership capabilities whatsoever.  They are also attempting to continue "business as usual" in back room deals regarding airport decisions despite citizen opposition and without citizen input.

Any citizen that expects honest and transparent government should be outraged.

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North Georgia Weather August 25, 2011 at 11:40 PM
Just Peachy, there was a study done in conjunction with the FAA, have you not seen that study? It's not practical to have commercial air traffic at that airport. There are many things working against it yet only three politicians trying to force it down our throats. And please think about the wording of the questions. Question 3. Some community leaders have proposed allowing limited commercial service at Gwinnetts Airport. ***They state having this service would help bring new employers to the area and create jobs***. Would you support allowing some form of commercial service at Gwinnetts Airport or Not? Please don't offer more jobs without any proof. You can't make a statement like that in a poll. 4. Gwinnett county is considering proposals from businesses that might want to run the airport. ****These proposals would not commit the county to anything and only be for information.**** Do you support or oppose the county voting to request this information? Maybe not, but what they mislead you on is that it WILL cost you if they do allow privatization and they go under. That is certainly NOT a scientific unbiased poll, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that out. Second, the vast majority of the citizens unfortunately are not informed enough to even answer those questions with any intelligence.
Andrew McNeil August 26, 2011 at 12:42 AM
JustPeachy...does the quote, "We won't know what's in the bill until we pass it and then we can read it and find out" sound familiar? Any business person knows that in the bidding process, there must be a goal in mind before an effective proposal can be written....so what is the goal with this airport???? No one knows. And you are missing the point of the BOC meeting...no CEO I know of would want someone going forward even if it was approved...what...four months ago..without informing him/her that now is the time. Thank you Charlotte and John, for your courage to address this issue in public. The Gang of Three should be ashamed...they earned no respect from me Tuesday night.
Cynthia Montgomery August 26, 2011 at 06:04 PM
A while back a business friend came knocking at my door. I opened the door and saw him and a young fellow standing in front of me. Knowing my interest in politics and community, my friend had brought this young guy by for me to meet. He was doing is political advertising for an upcoming campaign. Being my strong, no nonsense, get to the point, D Type Personality, I ask him one question, WHY SHOULD I VOTE FOR YOU?" HE was a bit puzzled and looked like he was flustered. Again I said, REALLY, WHY SHOULD I VOTE FOR YOU?" I will NEVER forget what he said in a questioning manner, "Because you know him pointing to my friend?" That young man was Mike Beaudreau. He did not have a clue as to why he was running and from my vantage point he is still clueless. He is a puppet, but whom is the puppet master? I want to know who is pulling his strings? It is time for the party to find an intelligent, forward thinking, business owner or business leader, financial brain savvy person, to lead this new district. I was shocked when he won! I guess he decided to get a pat answer together before his next introduction. So after you saw his behavior at the meeting, I again ask him, "WHY SHOULD I VOTE FOR YOU!" Register and VOTE!
R++ One of the Famous Dacula Crew September 01, 2011 at 12:17 AM
Cynthia, You seem to be an accomplished as well as connected business person. The party to which you refer is in desperate need of good candidates, and in a paradox, doesn’t seem to be looking for candidates at all. Is there someone you could put forth? We appear to have reached a need level BEYOND just voting if we are going to fix this.
Cynthia Montgomery September 02, 2011 at 09:06 PM
I have two persons in mind that are both UGA grads, raised to think out side the box, have IQ of over 140, are young and ready to withstand the battle and turn the tide, have graduated with political science and history because they have loved government and politics, have followed politics since they were 10 years old, one has worked down at the governors office and is familiar with HOW government works, the other is a political commentator, were ranked top of their class and have a strong desire to see this county and state get back to being successful. Yes, I do know 2 qualified persons, BUT unless the republican party will put their money, endorsement, and weight behind them it is a waste of their time to run. I have heard BOTH of them talk about the TEA Party as an option. And if you were to ask them, WHY SHOULD I VOTE FOR YOU?" (like I asked MB) ....you better get a seat because they would let you know why you should vote for them and would know the challenges facing us! They would know how our country and county can begin a rise back towards a day of fiscal solvency and away form reckless spending. Everyone must begin their careers somewhere. Everyone must start at the beginning. Either of these two would be the kind of representative that would make us proud of our governmental process again. VOTE out the representatives that DO NOT speak for you! A journey begins with a single step. WHOM is the party backing this time?


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