Marbled Orb-Weaver Spider!

This incredible photograph was taken by one of our pest control technicians near some woods this past fall.  The interesting look and coloration intrigued him, so he snapped this photo.  This is a marbled orb-weaver spider, one species of orb-weaver spider.  These particular spiders have large abdomens that are mostly orange with a variety of brown, purple, or yellow markings.  On some, the marbled pattern can resemble a face.  Their legs are orange with black and white stripes on the lower half.  Sizes vary from 9-20 mm in length.  Males are much smaller than females.

Marbled orb-weaver spiders can be found in trees, shrubs, weeds, and tall grasses.  They prefer moist, wooded areas or along the banks of streams or rivers.  Their webs are circular, and most orb-weavers rebuild their web each day.  Unlike the “messy” look of cobweb spider webs, orb weavers create very organized webs that look like a circular grid.  The spider stays on the side of the web, hidden in leaves and silk, waiting for its prey.  Young spiders create a silk retreat without the leaves.  The web is made with a “signal” thread that is attached to the center of the web.  This “signal” thread notifies the marbled orb-weaver when prey has been captured.  They eat many pest insects such as flies, mosquitoes, ants, and whatever else may get caught in its intricate web.  Marbled orb-weavers are not harmful to humans.

Females deposit several hundred eggs in an egg cocoon, usually in the fall.  Overwintering takes place in this state and spiders emerge from the cocoon in the spring.   Most orb-weaver spiders live for one year.

It is amazing to me to see some of the different creatures that live among us.  If you come across one of these beautiful, fascinating spiders, take a minute to observe its details.

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