A caution for people holding estate/garage/yard sales - Beware - Please Read

A caution for people holding estate/garage/yard sales:

We ran a sale to clear out the house of an old friend who passed. At the end of the sale two young men came in and after looking around said they were interested in buying two sets of coffee cups, mumbling something about buying them for friends in need. They bargained a little and after getting the price down to $10 they wanted to pay for the cups with a $100 bill. Something about the whole situation just didn’t feel right…and the $100 bill didn’t feel right…so we said sorry we couldn’t make change for a $100. We told them if they wanted to come back we’d hold the cups. They left and never returned.
I am convinced that the $100 bill they tried to pay with was counterfeit.
Now having lost $10 worth of merchandise is not a big deal, and losing $90 in the process of making change for the fake $100 bill would have sucked, but in the long run would not be so bad. But IMAGINE the problems that would ensue if we had tried to use the counterfeit bill – WE would then be responsible for trying to cash in the fake bill.
So please, please, please – never accept large bills at estate, garage, or yard sales unless you know the buyer. For that matter no checks either.

Recycling is good for the environment.

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