Are Male College Grads a Dying Breed?

A National Board of Education projections says woman college graduates dominate already and by 2017 the balance of female to male graduates will be 60-40. Is it time to do something to balance the trend now?

As college graduations are going on around the country, there is one fact hard to miss - more females are earning their diplomas than their male counterparts. So what does this mean going forward?

In 2007, a study by the National Board of Economic Research noted that in 1984-5, 45.1 percent of bachelor's degrees in business went to men, but by 2001-2 it was up to 50 percent. That same study noted that in 2003 there were 1.35 females to every male undergraduate in comparison to 1960 when there were 1.55 males for every female undergraduate. 

On the current trend, National Board of Education projections puts graduation rates by 2017 at having already surpassed 60-40 percent female to male. In fact, the NBOE forecasts that by 2016, 64 percent of Associate degrees will go to women as will 61 percent of Bachelor degrees, 58 percent of Doctoral Degrees and 58 percent of Professional degrees.

What do you think the reasons are behind this trend and is it time for society to be concerned about it?

Gail Lane May 06, 2012 at 04:26 PM
It seems that more women are now intent on earning their own way rather than starting families at an early age. I think there must be more factors to look at - for example, are there are many men as in the past still pursuing these degrees but now there are more women? Or has the number of men seeking these degrees dropped to create these statistics? What is the ethnic make-up of the graduates? Are black and Hispanic women pursuing degrees at a larger rate than their male counterparts? It's a very interesting phenomena; gonna have to check out a few of the other factors!
Sharon Swanepoel May 06, 2012 at 10:23 PM
It is an interesting, and maybe concerning issue. If it's because there were plans put into place to help even the playing field when the balance was the other way - then maybe it's time to take a look at whether those programs have worked, well, and they are now they have gone past leveling the playing field and are tilting it the other way.
U.B.in Gwinnett May 06, 2012 at 11:43 PM
I think it goes even further. Most people that I come in contact with that are unemplyed are 30-40 year old white males. Majority of their wives are working though. Maybe it's an effect of Corps paying women less while getting same or better performance. Who knows the exact reason.


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