Body Identified, School Begins and the End of the Burger King Bandit

A look at a few of the top stories this week on Dacula Patch.

There can be no happy ending to this story, but, if there is any solace to be found, it is in the fact this family will now have closure after five years of wondering what happened to their loved one.


GCPS students returned to school this week. Dacula Patch’s Kate Awtrey visited several of our area schools and took some great photos. Oddly enough, the students in the pictures all looked pretty happy. I for one was none too happy about having to get up so early Monday morning to see my daughter off to school. I miss that late morning middle school start time.


In what was no surprise to those of us with students there, once again topped the county’s enrollment list. As a parent of a MCHS student, I am very thankful for and all of the teachers and staff who do such an outstanding job creating a sense of community in what is an extremely large school.


In a week full of news about riots and looting in England and citizen frustration over the ineffectiveness of the English police forces, we saw a very different type of policing in the metro area. After targeting dozens of fast food restaurants, the man known as the Burger King bandit was shot down during the attempted robbery of a Buckhead Burger King. Though it is unfortunate the robber chose to live and die by the gun, we can be thankful that no one else was hurt and that this string of robberies has drawn to a close.


Think it is too early to be thinking about next year’s elections? Think again. Rep. Rob Woodall was the guest speaker at the Aug. 11 Founding Fathers Tea Party Patriots meeting in Lawrenceville. Woodall encouraged the conservative crowd to maintain the enthusiasm that has led to packed town halls this month and gave his outlook regarding the turnout for the 2012.


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