Gwinnett County Dog Death in Hot Car

I recently called Atlanta Police and Fulton Co. Animal Control re two dogs left in a hot car in 90+ degree weather in the blazing sun.  Both agencies informed they could do NOTHING, that they are not permitted to take the dogs and/or arrest their owner.  The windows were down, but it was miserably hot and dangerous for ANY living thing to have been left in that situation.  Both agreed the dogs would soon die under those conditions, but said they could survive longer with the windows down.  I had paged the owner of the car that was shopping in a nearby store and she finally came out and started the car.  She was confrontational with the officer and me.  This is clearly animal cruelty and should have been treated as such.  If the information given to me by these agencies is correct, it must be changed.  Must animals die before anything can be done with these cruel and irresponsible people? At least Gwinnett Co. has that, but even so, it is enormously inadequate to protect against this heartless and reckless behavior.  


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