HOT Lanes: Traffic Management or Government Extortion?

What is the true purpose of the I-85 toll lanes?

In , Citizens for a Better Gwinnett board member Jim Regan writes:

In 2005, the SRTA conducted eight focus groups to evaluate support for the HOT conversion, during these meetings participants indicated they were only willing to pay a toll ranging from 50 cents to $2.

Since focus groups in 2005, before the economy collapsed, indicated they only supported a 50 cent to $2 toll why was the maximum toll close to $6 when the lane opened?

Nationally there are six other cities with HOT lanes, in five cities HOT+2 commuters pay no toll. The other location requires an annual “pass” that does not consider the number of passengers or frequency of use. Why did the GaDOT and SRTA choose to pursue a HOT+3 lane rather than a HOT+2 lane?

If revenue generation was not a primary goal, why did the SRTA report analyze whether a HOT+3 lane would generate more revenue than a HOT+2 lane?  Why did the SRTA decided to pursue a HOT+3 lane?  Since the SRTA receives toll receipts did they choose the HOT+3 option based on higher revenue?

Do you think the primary goal of the HOT lane is traffic management or revenue generation? Tell us in the comments or vote in our poll.


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